Kaeden Lykins

Kaeden Lykins soars above the Ft. Campbell defense to pull down a deep pass from quarterback Daniel Meinschein in Ballard Memorial’s first win in 20 games.

Oct. 22 2021 was more than just a night to celebrate the seniors and homecoming royalty, but also a night to celebrate a football win. Ballard Memorial, a football program that has had its fair share of rough seasons, won its first game since Oct. 4 2019.

The Bombers wasted no time scoring against a team also looking to snag its first win, Ft. Campbell. After an impressive kick-off return, Carson Buchanan brought in the carry for three yards and the touchdown.

Add two more points to the board after a successful two point conversion, also from Buchanan, and the Bombers were up 8-0 early after just two plays.

Ft. Campbell didn’t let the Bombers celebrate for long when they answered with a touchdown of their own with six minutes remaining in the quarter. They would also go for the two point conversion but weren’t as successful as their opponents, coming up short 8-6.

“We haven’t had a win in a couple of years so this was big for our community,” Ballard Memorial head coach Letoun Bledsoe said. “Just to bring back to moral to Ballard Memorial football, we are just trying to get out kids to the point where they are believing in each other and working hard for each other.”

The Bombers did just that, though the offense didn’t put up astounding numbers, the defense stepped up to make big plays to shut down the Falcons when it mattered most. In the final drive of the game, Ft. Campbell had one last chance to score and take the lead.

Neither team would see the end zone again for the remainder of the game due to strong defensive efforts and a plethora of penalties. In the end, the game came down to just the last few seconds of play.

With 25 left, the Falcons were in a third and long situation and the Bomber defense stepped up and shut down the long pass and clinched their victory.

“Our football IQ is low, our coaches work on it every day and with more practice we will get better, but for now we are going to ride this train into next week and see what happens,” Bledsoe said.

One more game remains for Ballard Memorial, a game that could be its second win if it plays its cards right.

Their opponent is Muhlenberg (1-8) and with the same record for both teams it’s anyone’s game.

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