Tommy Huyck

Paducah resident Tommy Huyck is ranked among the top 80 Corn Hole players in the world in the American Corn Hole Organization. Huyck often practices his skills at The Beer Garden in Benton.

Corn Hole — an activity that most of us only associate with tailgating and backyard barbeques, but for one Paducah couple it’s so much more. Tommy Huyck and his wife Brittany are members of the American Corn Hole Organization (ACO) and Tommy is ranked amongst the Top-80 players in the world.

The ACO is one of two certified Corn Hole groups that compete and rank and play professionally. Anyone can join the organization and can choose to participate in several different categories depending on your age, gender identity and whether you choose to play solo or with a companion.

To get to the level of Tommy though you’ll need to compete at a high level. It takes at least eight regional tournaments and four major tournaments to collect the points necessary to make it to the World Tournament.

In only his second season with the ACO, Tommy has moved up the ranks quickly. “I started out in first near the beginning of the season,” said Huyck. “But as the season continued on I started moving down that rank but I set a goal to finish in the Top-80.”

Tommy has always been a sports fanatic, playing nearly every sport high school offered, but it wasn’t till adulthood that he and his wife found their love for Corn Hole. They describe the sports as being “very competitive, but also very laid back.”

A community of people that just love to get together, stand 27 feet apart from one another, and toss some bags back and forth. Of course it’s far more technical than that, but that’s why people like the Huycks and others, love the sport so much. It isn’t about getting rough and angry on the court or field, it can be as casual as getting together, setting some boards up and having friendly competitions.

Now don’t expect to go pick up a Corn Hole set at the local Wal-Mart or Dick’s Sport Goods and expect to be ready to participate in an upcoming ACO tournament. The boards and bags are going to be a little more professional than the equipment that you can find that the store, but it will give you a good start.

If you want a feel for the real deal, the Huycks would love to give you an opportunity to play with professional Corn Hole boards and bags. They host tournaments for all ages on Monday and Wednesday nights at The Beer Garden in Benton, Kentucky. They hope to start tournaments closer to home very soon, they want to spread the word and help other realize that Corn Hole can be just as fun, if not more fun, than any other sport you could play.

Tommy and Brittany hopes to start classes at local youth and rec centers in the area and Tommy is working towards his ACO license so that he can host ACO tournaments here locally as well.

For updates on local tournaments hosted by the Huycks you can find them at Bandanaman Promotion on Facebook.

Follow Jared Jensen on Twitter at, @jcjensen94

Follow Jared Jensen on Twitter at, @jcjensen94

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