Love is always in the air. Even at a high school basketball game. The set up was perfect, the planning was flawless and so was the outcome. She said yes.

Paducah Tilghman boys basketball assistant coach Zach McDearmon had planned the moment for weeks. With a COVID-19 pause impacting the team and then the snowstorm that the local area endured, he had to postpone his own big moment.

According to McDearmon, he and his girlfriend, Meredith Ashe, found that they had similar goals and that was when he decided he wanted to propose. But he had to do it a certain way.

“I had a way that I wanted to do it,” McDearmon said. “I knew this was going to be the way. I had some bumps along the road with COVID, and I had games set going to do it and it didn’t really work out.”

Even with the delay, the setup was brilliant. During halftime of the boys game prior to the proposal, the school had given people the opportunity to choose between a gift card or what’s in a mystery box.

Ashe had come to all of the Tilghman home games and saw the halftime event just like the plan was supposed to work.

Finally the big day came. McDearmon got into the box, and he said that was the most nervous he had ever been.

The ceremony looked like it had every other time, with a couple of cheerleaders wheeling out the mystery box. When they were wheeling out the box, it came close to not ending the way it did.

“They got moving and momentum started, I almost fell out a couple of times and I had to catch myself, and I was holding the box with one hand and steadying myself with the other,” McDearmon said.

Ashe was selected to open the box, and when she did, the gym went into an uproar. It was tears and smiles from then on for the happy couple.

“It was amazing,” Ashe said. “I knew exactly what was supposed to be happening at that time. I’m overjoyed.”

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