Below is an email I sent to Paducah Mayor Brandi Harless, city commissioners and City Manager Jim Arndt.

• So many voters are against the building of any structure on the gazebo parking lot. Please vote accordingly.

• The recent passing of the discussion constrictions at commission meetings is unfair. On the Tuesdays the commission doesn't meet, have an open public forum so citizens can be heard.

• The natatorium needs to be in or near Noble Park. Tear down the civic center or build it across from Oscar Cross. Walkable for all citizens and used by all citizens.

• The city has messed up most intersections in town. Give two parking spaces back at the Coke Plant -- you'll make everyone happy. The three-way at Pecan fails -- at least add a turn lane. Pecan was widened to provide ease of access to the mall area; a traffic light is needed.

The 28th Street intersection is a mess -- everyone's using the striped area to turn right; at peak hours, it takes three lights to proceed to town; many turn through the Church of Christ parking lot to avoid it. The intersection at Pines and Buckner needs to be a "T" -- it's dangerous. Cars continue to dangerously speed on Buckner.

• There's talk of permanently closing LaBelle, which would be a huge mistake with the Clark school pickup line.

• The recycling effort is a bust with few participants, and there's doubt and concern that any true recycling is occurring.

• The failed recycling effort has led to a failed yard waste effort. The call in method is not working -- a neighborhood is never cleaned up at the same time as it was when citizens knew that a specific day was for pickup. City trucks pass by weeks-old trash heaps.

• The smoking ordinance is a joke -- more people are smoking in more public areas.

I appreciate the few commissioners who regularly respond to my emails. Jim Arndt always responds.

Jane Gamble


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