Malkin column ‘composed in the gutter’


I am curious as to how you choose what opinion pieces to publish. Most of the time the editorial page seems fairly well-balanced among reasonably reasonable writers: George Will, David Brooks, Kathleen Parker, Michael Gerson, Jonah Goldberg, that fellow from Madisonville and several others.

However, occasionally you have an article that is not well-reasoned and does nothing but attack an individual, a group or a party with wild assertions backed up by insane rants. For example, the editorial by Michelle Malkin on phony healing. “We do not forgive, we do not forget, we do not relent, we do not yield, we do not concede.” Ms. Malkin’s words suggest she might need to borrow some Xanax from the President.

She says, “This is the time for hell-raising, not healing.” Isn’t that just a little over the top? Is she inciting people to violence, calling them to arms, advocating anarchy? Her propaganda piece does not relate a single bit of evidence for her wild assertions, yet she seems to ask Trump supporters to start manning the barricades against their fellow Americans. Most of the people who voted against Trump and most who voted for him are good people. They just have different opinions. It most certainly is the time for healing.

Does Ms. Malkin’s writing rise to the level of George Will or David Brooks?

Dwight Eisenhower said that the middle of the road was a better place to be than the far edges, either to the left or the right. If you go too far either way, you end up in the gutter. Ms. Malkin’s article was composed in the gutter and that’s where it belongs.

Respectfully and from the middle of the road,

Chan S. Case



Editor’s note: We received a few letters/phone calls about this column. On occasion, the Sun will publish the views of nationally syndicated columnists not in its regular rotation. This was one of those occasions. Though Ms. Malkin has a large following and appears regularly in some publications, she will not be a regular on Sun pages. Also note that the Sun does not always agree with the views of our syndicated columnists, but offers them in the spirit of illuminating various sides of an issue.

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