An open letter to Sen. Mitch McConnell

I have often thought of what I would say to you if we were to meet in person. As an often elected person, representing my district, benefiting from our democratic process and by your sworn oath, dedicated to upholding our democratic process, how can you oppose the Freedom to Vote Act? You have set yourself up as the new ‘Jim Crow’ with other Republicans blocking the passage of The Freedom to Vote Act, a bill that would enable more Americans to participate in our political system, establish common sense standards to reassure all Americans their voices matter and protect their right to vote!

As NEA President Becky Pringle said, “Most of us believe that our elected leaders should reflect the very best of every kind of American and govern for all of us, no exceptions. Protecting our democracy should transcend race, place and political persuasion.” Don’t you agree?

What is so wrong with standardizing the way we vote in this country? It would allow more legally qualified Americans to vote, simplify results and you don’t seem to want them to have this right. The right to vote is the foundation of any democracy!

Please reconsider your opposition to the Freedom to Vote Act so all Americans can participate in our Democracy and that will only make it stronger.

Holly Erwin

Mayfield, Kentucky


Reading the Oct 25 news release from U.S. Rep. James Comer to his constituents is, indeed, perplexing.

He claims Biden’s economic proposals would “...further derail an already struggling economy.”


When Biden took office, the unemployment rate was 6.3%. It is now 4.3%. In fact, the U.S. has added 5.6 million jobs since Biden became president.

Also, last week the stock market, one marker of economic health, recorded all-time highs as the U.S. economic rebound now tops that of all rich nations.

Comer claims the bill “...weaponizes the IRS to dig into the American people’s bank accounts.”

Ah...the IRS has always dug into folks’ bank accounts. That’s kind of what it does.

The new bill just proposes treating savings the way it’s always treated earned income. The purpose is to find people hiding income, which seems important since there is currently $7 trillion in unpaid taxes.

Comer opposes hiring more tax auditors. The IRS currently has the fewest auditors it’s had since 1953, and the U.S. population has doubled since then. The treasury loses at least $554 billion a year in unpaid taxes because of this auditor shortage.

Comer claims the Biden plan will add “...massive taxes on small businesses and family farms.”

Where is that in the bill? I can’t find it. What I can find seems to be good for local farmers: $16 billion in funding for biofuel; expansion of the USDA’s debt forgiveness; provisions for rural counties like ours to tap into energy grants.

Granted, there will be an 8% tax increase on aggregate gross farm income over $25 million. Can’t say I know any farmers in Trigg County making that, but maybe I just need to get out more.

Jeannine Tree

Cadiz, Kentucky

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