‘Disappointed’ in Sun contents

I just read the new weekend edition of the Paducah Sun online. I was sadly disappointed in the contents. I subscribe to get news. If I want to read what seem to be magazine articles, I will read magazines. Very little pertinent news. It is of no concern to me when the next limb pick up will take place in Mayfield, how to clean a chain saw, etc.

This is a very confusing mishmash. There is so much going on in the world today that could be reported. Also, I have lost a whole day of comics. This may seem to be a very minor thing, but we all need something to laugh about every day. In addition to laughing, we also need to be up to date with obituaries. With the new edition, if an acquaintance of mine dies on Saturday morning, I will not read about it until Monday, possibly missing a visitation or funeral.

Don’t want to belabor the point, but this is not what I signed up to receive. Combining three newspapers into one does not make for a better paper, just more filler.

Joyce Brown


Misses Sunday paper

I am a retiree in my 70s and I wanted to share my opinion on your recent format change. One of the few pleasures in my life, during these trying and restricted times, is to get up on Sunday morning with a cup of coffee and read my Sunday paper.

I was in business for over 30 years as a VP for a major national company. I understand the need for an entity to make a profit in order to stay in business. If you must consolidate for economic reasons please consider discontinuing the Saturday paper and let us continue our Sunday paper. I read the Sunday paper from front to back and especially enjoy the sports and the funnies. By the way, I urge you to consider discontinuing Fort Knox and add something else that is fun to read and lightens our pandemic burden.

Please give consideration to my suggestions and thank you so much for your paper, as I perceive it to be a necessity and a pleasure for our Western Kentucky area.

Marshall Gosser


Thanks to those helping Toy Run

We just completed the 37th Biker Toy Run which helps children in foster care have a better Christmas, plus providing extra help to them throughout the year. This year was different. No large crowds, no parade of motorcycles, no in-house auction, and no celebration party. However, Bikers came together with the community and we had one of the most successful runs ever. Due to state regulations, we had to change our plans at the last minute. We were disappointed but the bikers made the 2020 Toy Run happen. They coordinated a Toy and Donation Drop Off event.

A special thanks to Four Rivers Harley Davidson and Bargain Hunt for letting us use their parking lots. Bikers came and left toys or monetary donations. In addition they had an auction on the Biker’s Facebook page and raised thousands of dollars after the event. The Cabinet for Health and Family Services wants to give a big “Shout Out” to everyone who made this year so successful. The core of the biker community worked so hard to coordinate all of this. Businesses, community leaders, and individuals made generous contributions and to them we say a special thanks.

Also, we want to recognize the social workers and staff with the Cabinet. They worked hours getting the toys distributed to all the children. We were unable to have a large Christmas Party this year, but had a drive by event where foster parents picked up the toys and gifts. Thank you Murray State University for letting us use your Paducah facility. And, as always, we so appreciate Donnie “Wildman” Allbritten and his continued dedication and involvement in the Toy Run. Out total monetary amount for 2020 was $30,000 plus a large collection of toys.

Bikers, you are the best — thank you for putting foster children first all these years.

Sandra Lynn

West Paducah

Bravo Sens. Carroll, Mills on carp bill

I write to thank Sen. Robby Mills (R-Henderson) who represents the 4th District and Senator Danny Carroll (R-Paducah) of the 2nd Distinct for the co-sponsorship of Senate Bill 102. This bill which passed in the Senate by a vote of 36-0, will allow Asian carp to become designated as a Kentucky agricultural product.

The bill will expand the Kentucky Proud agricultural marketing program to allow products produced from Asian carp to be qualified for use the program. It will then allow for the KY Proud logo on packaging, as long as the fish were harvested from a body of water in Kentucky. Senate Bill 102 will now head to the House of Representative and it is with great hope, it will be passed.

All experts agree that the only way, at this time, to rid our valuable waterways of this invasive species is to commercially harvest them. Sens. Mills and Carroll’s dedication in addressing this crisis should not go unnoticed. These fish are a valuable resource, although unintended and should be used, not wasted, or ignored. With the marketing boost afford by Sens. Mills and Carroll’s bill, we can now attract more investment, processors, commercial fishers and markets to the removal these fish.

These senators recognize that the utilization of Asian carp will not only protect our environment but will also save our tourism economy. In addition, this the short-term industry, in the harvesting of Asian carp, will create numerous jobs, attract new industries, increase our tax base, and provide a healthy and nutritious protein source for commercial, retail, and institutional usage.

Also please know, that currently Asian carp are being used for fish meal feed by the aquaculture industry and livestock producers with great success and demand. The pet food industry is also utilizing these fish as a traceable seafood source in an effort to not use overfished marine species. Recent research has shown that a protein powder made of Asian carp is an ideal supplement and is being targeted for humanitarian needs and uses throughout the globe.

The goal of removing these invasive species by utilization can now be attainable with responsible leadership as shown by Sens. Mills and Carroll. When we can all recognize the value of Asian carp (although unintended), we can all help to create market demand, resulting in winning this battle not only here in Kentucky, but all US waterways, as these fish know no borders. Thank you Sen. Mills and Sen. Carroll for your informed and essential leadership!

Cynthia Bender


Too much roadside trash

It has come to my attention that as I drive around McCracken County, there is, an enormous amount of roadside trash visible to traffic. I see this as I travel all over the country, so it isn’t just a local problem. Kentucky is just a beautiful state and it is so disheartening to see it marred by disgusting garbage discarded from passing automobiles. Ridding the eyesore by picking up the trash does not work because within a short period of time it is replaced with even more trash than before. I don’t have a solution to the problem, but I’ll bet there is someone out there in newspaper land that does.

I wish I could build a machine that would vacuum larges objects from a truck. That would not stop people from decimating the countryside, but it would give people a job and make this world look a little nicer. People would probably throw more trash out because they would know it was going to be picked up. Maybe the carmakers could include a sensor that would sound an alarm when an object is discarded from the window of a car. A major problem that could be solved with a little imagination, I’ll bet!

Larry Swope


Forgotten how to lead

We have reached a point in time where the men and women who head their fields have forgotten what it means to lead, and leading by example is completely unknown.

Scientists and doctors sound like zealots who belong to a cult.

Spiritual leaders are more concerned with popularity than God.

Politicians drunk with power treat the citizenry like surfs.

And finally the most devastating, a media so devoid of ethics and truth that there is no longer such a thing as informed consent.

This is what censorship is all about. Keeping people ignorant so they are easier to control, do you really believe the people in control know what is best for you?

Myself, I would rather hear ALL the information and think for myself.

Karen Dupuis


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