Likes increased local sports coverage, but ...

I have intentionally put off writing this letter since Monday because frankly, I was so angry Monday that I was pretty sure that if I wrote at that time, I would say something that I would later regret. It all started when I got up Sunday morning and realized that the “Sunday” paper was the same as the “Saturday” paper. I didn’t like it but I accepted it without too much reaction.

The real trigger was when I arose about 5:30 Monday morning eager to read about the Saturday Kentucky/Florida game and only found a five-page circular for Banks Supermarket. I concluded that there must have been some kind of malfunction at the paper that delayed the availability of the Monday paper. At about 7 a.m., I called customer service to report the problem that I suspected was already known; but I wanted to make sure. Imagine my surprise when the customer service lady returned my call at about 8 a.m. or so and told me there would no longer be a Monday e-edition. I was absolutely flabbergasted! A regional paper like The Paducah Sun and it was only going to publish five days a week! I couldn’t believe it. I said there must be some kind of mistake. She assured me that it was no mistake and that it was a part of the “big change” that had been trumpeted in previous issues. I told her that I was greatly disappointed and that I suspected that would not be the only one. She assured me that I was not the only one and that subscriber displeasure was the reason that it had taken her that long to get back to me. The lady to whom I spoke was very professional and courteous, but it was obvious that she had been given a terrible job that day.

Then I realized that what had been sold as “Big and Exciting” changes were — in fact — small and disappointing. As a longtime customer, I couldn’t help but feel that the Paxton group was making a planned and deliberate effort to providing a lesser service at an ever-increasing cost. The cost of the print edition seems to keep getting higher and higher and the product seems to keep getting less and less. I must say, however, that you have certainly done a good job of increasing the coverage of local sports. More stories, more pictures, more in-depth coverage; all of which is great, but it does not offset the reduction of daily issues.

I must tell you that the “Big and Exciting” changes that were promoted have had a pretty negative effect on my respect for the Paxton Corporation. It looks like just another big company doing whatever it can to increase profits with little regard to the impact on its captive audience.

Jerry W. Mayes


Sun should print all the news, not just local

I waited until you published your second edition to see if it had changed. It hasn’t. You need to broaden your horizons. Newspapers are supposed to print all news, not just local. News is taking place throughout the country and the world and the Sun should report it. Just like sports — we have pro and collegiate baseball, football, as well as tennis and golf plus hockey, boxing and soccer. (Plus all others I didn’t name). These all should be covered, not just the local sports.

Money is not everything — First you took Monday paper, then Saturday and now Sunday with a combination that in my opinion doesn’t work for me.

Lee Ashley


Pandemic shouldn’t be political issue

Recently, I was in a local pizza business picking up a carry-out order. As you enter this business, a large sign in the middle of the aisle states “Masks Required.” As one hostess went to retrieve my order, a group came in — two harried-looking women, a man, and two small girls. Maskless all, they walked right around the sign.

A hostess came to them offering to provide masks if needed. She was met with immediate derision. One woman stepped aggressively toward her, finger pointing, and called the requirement “communism.” The hostess calmly responded that she was merely enforcing company policy, which garnered her more abuse. They refused to eat there, but the two women continued to berate the hostess.

She came with my order obviously shaken. I opined that what had just happened was not communism but ignorance. We shared together our personal reasons for wearing masks. As I left, I thanked the hostesses for enforcing the policy. They gratefully thanked me for “being nice to us.”

Our country, sadly, divides politically over the apolitical issue of the pandemic. Public health concerns take a back seat to the confusion between “freedom” and “license.” But must we dispose of common decency in this make-believe battle? Must we let personal irritation or inconvenience supplant basic good manners?

Take your ire out elsewhere. Avoid businesses that seek the common good if you will. But learn to treat people simply doing their job with basic decency.

Stephen Rayburn


Can no longer support national GOP

I am and have been my entire adult life, a Conservative Born Again Christian, a Vietnam-era veteran and believe in the honorable execution of law and order. Until 2020, I was a registered Republican and identified as an Evangelical Christian until the second year of Donald Trump being president.

As a Christian, I can no longer support the GOP at the national level, as a large portion of their national leaders have chosen to “throw Jesus and his teachings under the bus” in order to support a narcissistic, deceiving, promote of fake news which claims to be victimized by, and right-wing hate groups who are against the very values that America has stood for through the years. As a whole, the National Republican Party now promotes party loyalty over representing our nation and our Constitution as a whole. The GOP has made a mockery of the very Christian values, patriotism, and respect for law and order that they honored and respected since the party was founded in 1854.

David Robinson


Put aside selective outrage, name-calling

A letter published recently demonstrated the sorry state of discussion and debate, which has come to be normal and accepted by supporters of a certain political party.

As a result of the 2020 election, the Democrat party now holds a majority in the House, gained seats in the Senate, and Joe Biden is president. This person, who appears to be a Democrat supporter, called Sen. Mitch McConnell a hypocrite, called all Republican Senators cowards, and called former President Trump and all of his supporters traitors while repeating misinformation about what happened at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021.

No reasonable person condones what happened at the Capitol, but it was far from being an “insurrection.” It was a protest, which was allowed to get out of hand, and resulted in trespassing and vandalism of the building. Why were there no enhanced security preparations made for a crowd expected to be so large? Where was the outrage last summer when Seattle, Portland, Minneapolis, and other cities were burning from what the media portrayed as “mostly peaceful protests”?

Just a few minutes research can show the only person who died, as a direct result of the Capitol disturbance was a female protester who was shot by an unidentified law enforcement officer. It will also show many of the participants arrested by the FBI are not Trump supporters.

We are facing many serious challenges at the local, state, and national levels. If the parties cannot put aside their selective outrage and insulting name-calling to have a civil discussion, those challenges will not be addressed.

Stephen Kepf


Defend the police, don’t defund them

Black lives indeed matter. So do white lives and blue lives. Every individual is created for a God-given purpose, whether or not they seek out that purpose. Yes, environment is a complicating factor for inner-city youth. But those like neurosurgeon Ben Carson ... can rise far above their circumstances.

Police officers pursue a noble profession, trying to protect and serve, with great risk and sacrifice. (The Nashville officers on Christmas are a prime example.) They do not make laws — they enforce them as they are trained. According to McCracken County Sheriff Matt Carter, local officer training includes awareness course selections like Anti-Bias Training, Cultural Diversity, and Ethics.

Maybe a very few cops are at fault, yet how can we accuse those who must make risky decisions based only on momentary knowledge? One minute they could be performing a routine task, and the next they could be fighting for life.

But these days, officers are scorned and attacked instead of being respected. People who profile police as being mean and racist are guilty of the very thing they despise. How is that any different from racial profiling?

A Washington Post survey of a year’s fatal police shootings shows that the vast majority of deaths were because individuals were wielding weapons, were suicidal or mentally troubled, or they ran when the police told them to halt. Sheriff David Clarke of Milwaukee says the bottom line is: If a cop tells you to stop, don’t run, keep your hands visible, and don’t point a gun or try to fight.

So, let’s not defund the police. That would only bring about mob rule. Let’s defend them, like they at least try to defend us! Let’s not prey on them, but pray for them!

Marilyn Gregory


Repent, ask forgiveness to save our nation

To the swamp, Washington D.C., Democrat and Republican:

2 Timothy 3:1-4

1 — But know this that in the last days perilous Times will come.

2 — For men will be lowers of themselves, lover of money, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy,

3 — unloving, unforgiving, slanderers, without self-control, brutal, despisers of good,

4 — traitors, headstrong, haughty, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God.

We have to repent and ask forgiveness from God and Jesus Christ to save our nation, The United States of America.

Tony Thompson



Yesterday, I received an “email update” from Kentucky Senator Rand Paul which appeared to be an attempt to rationalize his voting AGAINST providing relief to the many Kentuckians and McCracken Countians suffering due to the pandemic. Yes. Rand Paul voted AGAINST sending economic impact payments to those of us buried under mountains of bills. Yes, Rand Paul voted AGAINST helping us to keep our lights on through LIHEAP. Yes, Rand Paul voted AGAINST emergency rental assistance so our kids have a place to sleep. Yes, Rand Paul voted AGAINST unemployment benefits for those of us out of work. Yes, Rand Paul voted AGAINST providing additional PPP Loans to struggling small business in McCracken County. If that’s not bad enough, Rand Paul voted AGAINST providing additional Covid vaccines to the millions of Americans at risk of dying from the disease. Rand Paul is hoping that we won’t remember this a year from now, but we will. We will vote AGAINST Rand Paul in 2022.

Christa Dubrock



I’m writing in opposition to The Biden-Harris Administration’s appointment or nomination of Dr. Vinita Gupta to be Assoc USAG at DOJ.

In 2010 and in the years that followed, I formally complained and made complaints to the DOJ’s Civil Rights Division, of which Dr. Gupta was a head, concerning 2010’s Operation Broken Trust, a jointly tasked forced; FBI, IRS & DOJ full-field ponzi scheme investigation across the USA and around the World!

Dr. Gupta did EXACTLY NOTHING to facilitate or see to the adjudication of my complaints on behalf of my wife, Florha Gaynele Jones formally of Elk Grove, CA. USA. IN FACT, what she did do was sit on her hands and drag her feet in order to protect and serve then-President Barack Obama and his unfit Administration! She has exactly ZERO BUSINESS being the Assoc USAG at DOJ!

Therefore I vehemently oppose and stand in loyal opposition to her appointment and or nomination for it or anything else associated with The Biden-Harris Administration.

Good day and thank you so much for your time and attention to this very important issue. Be well.

Very Sincerely and Respectfully,

David Robert Davidson



As the least-cost electric power source, Solar Farms can replace Kentucky’s lost dairy or tobacco revenue and help support land ownership.

The narrow, erratic margins in corn/soybeans push farmers to plant increasing acreage. Continuous cash grain rotations reduces the topsoil’s organic matter and accelerates soil erosion. Chemicals applied to row crop fields may contaminate groundwater.

Recent dramatic swings in cattle and feed prices, along with livestock mortality, make operating a profitable grade cow-calf operation a daunting task. Unless carefully managed animal waste can infiltrate our groundwater. Livestock on wet sod create soil erosion.

Solar farms improve our quality of life by reducing soil erosion and water pollution from animal waste and field chemicals. Solar farms can also provide a substantial revenue stream to support land ownership and help support community services. It is fairly normal for 100 acres in a solar farm to contribute $24,000 yearly to community taxing authorities. It is important to remember that solar farms do not require natural gas, city water, landfill capacity, rail, river or extensive roads.

This makes it indefensible that State Senator Stephen West introduced SB266, which on page 7 index mark 22 — subsection E — states:

Photovoltaic power stations shall be prohibited on lands defined as agricultural lands under KRS 132.010(9).(Underline my editorial comment)

If enacted, this bill will deprive our commonwealth of Solar Farms’ ability to help support landownership and taxing authorities.

To protect our shared future, we all need to petition our legislators by blocking this bill’s passage.

Please see to learn more about why I favor Solar Farms.

Charles W. “Bill” Marshall

Maysville, KY

Vaccination Attempt Update

I have been trying to schedule a COVID-19 vaccination. I tried to find information on the WPSD website, as they always tell the viewing public to “go to our website”. I couldn’t find a thing at ; I looked several times. FINALLY I found the COVID-19 vaccine guide 3/4 of the way down the page, below Biden not punishing the Saudi Crown Prince, what to do if you have more than $1,000 in the bank, and ads for loans, blouses, and deals on car trade-in value.

I decided to try the Kroger option. I went through the on-line evaluation (which includes submitting my birthdate) and was rewarded with the announcement, “You are eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine! Please click the button below to schedule your vaccination appointment.” I did that, and lo and behold, there were appointments open in Murray for March 8th! Yippee!

I tapped the screen here; I tapped the screen there. I tapped on the “Available Appointments for Mar 8” portion as it sorta looked like a live link. It wasn’t. I did the same on “Show More Times” as it also looked like a live link. Silly me.

So I called the store phone number. The pharmacy lady said to register online or call a number. Since registering online was apparently a comedy routine that hadn’t been test-driven, I called the number. A recorded voice that represents the “family of Kroger pharmacies” asked where I live. It reeled off the current Kentucky vaccination requirements and, lo and behold, I am NOT eligible.


So apparently what one must do is repeatedly, daily, and often, go through this rigamarole and hope that through dumb luck you hit the jackpot, the stars align, and you get an appointment.

And hope that vaccine supplies arrive.

Judy Schwender

Paducah, KY

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