Why Carson Park?


After reading your article about “Touchdowns and Tunes” I understand the local residents’ concerns of noise and parking around Carson Park especially since I live one block from Carson Park. What I don’t understand is why the concerts were held in Carson Park at all since the city now owns the former Bluegrass Downs race track. There certainly is more than adequate room for the concert attendees and performers in that facility and as a bonus much more parking available. There also would be very little disturbance with local residents since there are very few if any in the area around the Bluegrass Downs park.

Arthur Schmidt

Paducah, Kentucky

Something to think about


We must do more to strengthen our power grid against an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) event. Such an event can result from an attack by terrorists or by another country (e.g. China may already have the capability--which it may use in an economic crisis,) or it can occur naturally. It could result in devastating loss of life. There is disagreement on this, but why take chances?

We should also have a ground-based GPS back-up system, (like Russia has,) or we could lose internet at the least in an anti-satellite attack.

Alvin Blake

Paducah, Kentucky

Why has abortion become so common a method of for birth control?


The column by Ruth Marcus lists all of the procedural steps imposed by the recently passed abortion law in Texas. The goal of this law is to make abortion less frequent and protect the life of the unborn child. Ms. Marcus concludes the result of this law will be women “sentenced to continue their pregnancy”.

How did our national culture get to the point where having a child is comparable to a nine-month prison term? Have we become so focused on economic success, personal “growth,” and consumerism that we consider pregnancy a disease and the developing human a tumor to be removed, with pieces provided for scientific “research” and the rest discarded?

Considering our “progressive” education system, is there any male or female over the age of 10 who does not know how pregnancy comes about? With so many methods available to both males and females to prevent pregnancy from occurring, why has abortion become so common a method of birth control?

When the so-called adults in a society become so selfish that their primary goal is “self fulfillment” at the expense of protecting, nurturing, and properly educating the children who are its future, that society has serious problems. How long will that society continue to exist? Does it merit continued existence?

Stephen R. Kepf

Paducah, Kentucky

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