Socialist activities in America

We are seeing some socialist activities in America and a departure from principles on which American was founded. A Biblical prophecy is that a time will come when evil is called good, and good is called evil. That time is here. Progressives have freedom of speech but Bible believers are not allowed to talk about faith, students can’t be taught about religion, our military people are denied Bibles, “God” is removed from our Pledge of Allegiance, religious statues are being destroyed, etc.

Progressives are for abortion and forcing taxpayer, including Bible believers, to pay for them. Since 1973, 60 million unborn babies, 105 per hour, have been barbarically murdered. They are for same sex marriage, and allowing children to change genders.

Government wants to tell employers what to pay their employees, which can result in higher prices or companies closing.

They want to stop funding our police, which will result in rampant crime — constant robberies, murders, and no safety. They want millions of illegals to continue coming across our boarder, which costs us billions annually.

If this is what you want for America, vote Democratic.


Rene Smith

Paducah, Kentucky

‘The Bluegrass Conspiracy’

This is to the people of McCracken County, get ready for another tax increase to pay for the Sport Plex of $42.3 million at Bluegrass Downs.

We just had taxes increased for 2021 of about $900 per year to help businesses and increase county employees salaries. County employees need a raise.

Five years ago the ex-governor increased taxes on several items, cutting grass, repairs to cars, trucks, boats, etc., churches for all self-help programs.

I am retired and in the last five year my wife and I received no increase for two years and a 1% raises the past two years!

When they increased taxes on insurance, homes, cars, trucks, and boats and increased property tax on homes, I don’t have money to help businesses and who is going to help the retired?

Yes, we got our stimulus checks from the U.S. Government just like everyone else.

You won’t hear local politicians say they want to reduce taxes.

Local governments own too much property that are not collecting taxes.

Everyone should read the book “The Bluegrass Conspiracy” its about Kentucky government and fraud. When this book was written, Kentucky was the third worst. It took me over a year to find this book and I found it in Indiana.

I asked the judge executive how much of McCracken County was not taxed, due to being owned by the state, county, or schools, I have not received that information.

Please stop spending money on stupid or not needed items.

G.B Woley

Paducah, Kentucky

Shot at a Million

If Kentucky does another “Shot At A Million” giveaway to encourage COVID-19 vaccines, decision makers should consider changing it to “Shot At Sharing A Million.” Realize that 1,678 winners can each receive a $596 check quickly processed by the Kentucky Lottery — and most importantly — no one would need to pay tax on the winnings (since the prize less than $600). Total cost: $1,000,088. The odds of being a winner greatly increase as well.

Michael Noga

Lexington, Kentucky

‘The science is still there’

I went to graduate school for public health. I spent countless hours learning about the great disease outbreaks of earlier centuries. We studied the strengths and weaknesses of the responses to cholera, typhoid, diphtheria, and even polio. Then we studied the significant advancement in treating and preventing these disease outbreaks when vaccines were invented and the revolutionary moment that was for human existence.

I always remember thinking “I’m glad these stories are stuck in this textbook. And I’m thankful that the scientific discoveries to prevent these massive outbreaks have happened during my lifetime so that I may never see these types of horrific outbreaks”.

I never imagined we would be living in one of those textbook moments. And I definitely never imagined that the science wouldn’t be enough. The science is still there. And it would work just like it has before if we would follow it. I hope we can overcome the misinformation and fear being spread across our communities. We know what works from centuries of learning. You can’t get that kind of data on anything else.

Brandi Harless, MPH

Paducah, Kentucky

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