Remember Paul’s votes

Yesterday I received an “email update” from Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul which appeared to be an attempt to rationalize his voting AGAINST providing relief to the many Kentuckians and McCracken Countians suffering due to the pandemic. Yes. Rand Paul voted AGAINST sending economic impact payments to those of us buried under mountains of bills. Yes, Rand Paul voted AGAINST helping us to keep our lights on through LIHEAP. Yes, Rand Paul voted AGAINST emergency rental assistance so our kids have a place to sleep. Yes, Rand Paul voted AGAINST unemployment benefits for those of us out of work. Yes, Rand Paul voted AGAINST providing additional PPP Loans to struggling small business in McCracken County.

If that’s not bad enough, Rand Paul voted AGAINST providing additional COVID vaccines to the millions of Americans at risk of dying from the disease. Rand Paul is hoping that we won’t remember this a year from now, but we will. We will vote AGAINST Rand Paul in 2022.

Christa Dubrock


American Rescue Plan deserves support

The benefits to ALL Kentucky residents from the passage of The American Rescue Plan (COVID-19 Relief Bill) need to be repeated as they will greatly improve the lives of most. They include:

• A $1,400 direct payment to individuals earning $75,000 ($2,800 for couples earning $150,000).

• Federal unemployment insurance payments ($300/week).

• Emergency rental assistance.

• Small business loan program (PPP)($7.25B).

• Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program ($4.5B).

• Programs authorized under the Older Americans Act ($1.4B).

• $55.5 billion for public health to include tracking and vaccine purchase and distribution.

• Support to various industries (transportation, air, etc.).

One benefit that hasn’t gotten the attention it deserves is the child tax credit. How many parents do you know are struggling to make ends meet? This will put money into the pockets of families and drastically reduce child poverty!

It is unthinkable that a program like this — so critical to the lives of Kentuckians — received support from only John Yarmuth. No other Kentucky lawmaker, including Sens. Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul, and Rep. James Comer, supported this life saving assistance. Instead, they have continued their misleading lies and divisive statements meant to sidetrack from the truth. It should be noted that all three were strong proponents of The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 (TCJA) that made small reductions to income tax rates for most individual tax brackets and significantly reduced the income tax rate for corporations. No surprise here.

Once again, Kentucky’s Republican representatives have shown they are not for the people, but are in Washington only to serve their own self-interests and the interests of their benefactors and cronies.

Jane Muklewicz


Vaccine appointments complicated

I have been trying to schedule a COVID-19 vaccination. I tried to find information on the WPSD website, as they always tell the viewing public to “go to our website.” I couldn’t find a thing; I looked several times. FINALLY I found the COVID-19 vaccine guide three-fourths of the way down the page, below Biden not punishing the Saudi crown prince, what to do if you have more than $1,000 in the bank, and ads for loans, blouses, and deals on car trade-in value.

I decided to try the Kroger option. I went through the online evaluation (which includes submitting my birthdate) and was rewarded with the announcement, “You are eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine! Please click the button below to schedule your vaccination appointment.” I did that, and lo and behold, there were appointments open in Murray for March 8th! Yippee!

I tapped the screen here; I tapped the screen there. I tapped on the “Available Appointments for Mar 8” portion as it sorta looked like a live link. It wasn’t. I did the same on “Show More Times” as it also looked like a live link. Silly me.

So I called the store phone number. The pharmacy lady said to register online or call a number. Since registering online was apparently a comedy routine that hadn’t been test-driven, I called the number. A recorded voice that represents the “family of Kroger pharmacies” asked where I live. It reeled off the current Kentucky vaccination requirements and, lo and behold, I am NOT eligible.

So apparently what one must do is repeatedly, daily, and often, go through this rigamarole and hope that through dumb luck you hit the jackpot, the stars align, and you get an appointment.

And hope that vaccine supplies arrive.

Judy Schwender


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