Disappointed Sun ran Malkin column

On behalf of the congregants of Temple Israel in Paducah, we the members of the Board of Trustees question the judgment of The Paducah Sun to publish a column on November 11 by Michelle Malkin, entitled, “No Time for Phony Healing.”

As part of Paducah’s long-standing Jewish community, we rebuke the content of Michelle Malkin’s rant of which another letter writer asks: “Is she inciting people to violence, calling them to arms, advocating anarchy?”

Malkin was dropped by mainstream conservative outlets earlier this year after supporting the neo-Nazi, Holocaust-denying group America First, whose members are known as groypers. The leader of that group refers to the 6 million Jews who died in the Holocaust as “cookies” who could have not been “baked” in ovens because the numbers did not add up. Malkin has referred to herself as “mommy of groypers” and also called them “good kids.”

We are disappointed that The Paducah Sun chose to publish a piece by such a blatant anti-Semite and white supremacy advocate. Throughout the world, it is known that this tragedy occurred based on historical records and documents. It is taught in schools and acknowledged by those practicing other religions.

As our regional newspaper for over 120 years, we would expect you to have been more sensitive to certain overarching issues by researching the background of Michelle Malkin before giving her the privilege to express herself to your readership, regardless of the purported size of her following.

Ours is not a political concern, but a humanistic one. The harmful character and divisive motivation of Michelle Malkin should have been more thoroughly vetted.

Temple Israel

Board of Trustees

Editor’s note: This letter was submitted by Fred Allen, Ph.D., president, Temple Israel Board of Trustees. Also listed as board members were Dr. Laurie Ballew, past president; Barbara Allen; Beverly Bradley; Fran Johnson; Bradley Kale; Louis Michelson; Beth Resnick; Michael Resnick; Joyce Sims; and Irv Tick.

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