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Emails from the campaign machinery rolled off the assembly line mere minutes after Thursday's forum between Gov. Matt Bevin and Attorney General Andy Beshear concluded in Paducah.

When you think of "Kentucky Proud" products, you probably think of things you buy at farmers markets and charming small-town shops. You probably don't think about airplanes, Toyotas, Corvettes and medicine.

It's October, which means we will see pink pop up just about everywhere. From clothing to stuffed animals, to license plates and umbrellas, there is no limit to the variety of things that will don the special color throughout the month.

Norman Rockwell's "Freedom of Speech" (above) was published in The Saturday Evening Post in February 1943, an iconic image with an enduring sentiment relevant to Paducah today.

Paducah and McCracken County will soon garner statewide attention in consecutive months -- and for all the right reasons.

This month is the start of a new campaign to raise awareness about the First Amendment nationwide. The "Th1nk First" campaign was created in Nebraska, but media companies across the country have since joined the effort.

The McCracken County Fiscal Court floated a trial balloon earlier this week in response to a budget shortfall and mounting employee pension liabilities: