No one could have foreseen the abrupt shuttering of the city's prized bowling ball manufacturer Ebonite International last week. However, we are fortunate to see the Christian County community rally with grace and gumption around those affected.

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Today is Small Business Saturday, when shopping locally and supporting local businesses is promoted nationwide by local business organizations, big cities and small towns across the United States.

U.S. presidents, starting with George Washington, signed many proclamations thanking God for the blessings He had bestowed on this nation. But it was the 16th president who in 1863 set aside the last Thursday in November as an annual day of national thanksgiving. Following is Abraham Lincoln…

It's been nearly two weeks since we set our clocks back an hour for Daylight Saving Time, and many people are still likely recovering from the time change that comes twice a year.

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He kept the state in suspense for more than a week, but in the end, Gov. Matt Bevin conceded the governor's race to Attorney General Andy Beshear, rightfully concluding, "We're going to have a change in the governorship based on the vote of the people."

Democrats statewide are celebrating the apparent unseating of the Republican incumbent Gov. Matt Bevin in Tuesday's election. If there were only one race to win -- and it looks like that will be their only one -- that is the upset they would pick.