Michael Gerson, a Washington Post columnist, crafted the piece titled, "Trump has adopted coward's conception of heroism," that was published Dec. 18 in The Paducah Sun.

We need to remember that it was not a news article but a column, an opinion.

One of many things that stand out is the use of quotes dropped within his sentences that attempt to credit and shape the entire sentence, a common tactic to program the reader in formulating a false narrative.

A disturbing and misleading thread Gerson includes in his opinion is, "The men and women of the American military are not trained to be killers," as well as describing the men and women of the American military as "being marinated in a code of honorable conduct and serve a cause -- the cause of freedom and human dignity -- that is inconsistent with the commission of war crimes."

That statement creates the thought in the reader's mind that there was a crime committed. That all sounds really good setting behind a desk at the Post.

There are a couple of things that crush that snow-white image of Gerson's vision. That is self-survival and the survival of comrades in arms. Heroism doesn't stop when the soldier leaves the kill zone -- he or she is a hero to carry things for the rest of their life that cannot be undone or unseen.

Contrary to Gerson's opinion, American military are trained to kill and trained to kill they do. There are those things going on in the brain that help with survival, acts that get you through the madness, something that Gerson clearly doesn't understand or admit and fully displays his novice side. There is the dirty little deed that Gerson does not want to see or admit, like another segment of citizens in our great country. If he did, he would have to share the responsibility which could place him in depression with nowhere to go.

I am not sure what planet Gerson lives on, but it is not the planet named Reality.

To draw a parallel between the American soldier's conduct and that of the Roman Empire -- "slaughter of the innocent is a state-sponsored mass murder" -- is an attempt to attack and demoralize the American military soldier past and present as well as being an anti-American statement. And to attempt to draw this parallel using "God's perspective on events" suggests that Gerson has elevated himself to know what God thinks.

But not to worry, the American soldier has done those deeds so Gerson and those like thinking people can express their sometimes paid opinion and for which allows me to freely express mine.

Edward Duff is a Paducah resident and can be reached at namvet66@bellsouth.net.

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