Downturns such as every state will experience due to the coronavirus pandemic often unmask the true price tag of letting the good times roll too fast and far in earlier years.

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On the afternoon of Election Day 2016, I was doing an Election Day panel with my old friend Bob Shrum, with whom I’ve won some and lost some, and who I have respected for decades. He was comfortable. Morley Winograd, the longtime and much-respected head of the Democratic Party of Michigan, a…

It’s as if the creators of Kentucky’s new social studies standards ran as fast and far away as possible from the many extraordinary individuals throughout history whose achievements provide the “exceptional” in American exceptionalism.

For the first time in 130 years, The Salvation Army is starting its annual holiday fundraising campaign early in order to rescue Christmas. The funds raised through the organization’s iconic red kettles are at risk this year due to COVID-19 while requests for services are at an all-time high.

Let’s squarely face an ugly possibility: President Trump could get elected a second time without winning the popular vote. Indeed, according to most experts, that’s the only way he could be reelected.

Tom Bradley, a former police officer who served as mayor of Los Angeles for 20 years, was supposed to win the 1982 governor’s race. Every poll said so. He was endorsed by everybody. Going in to Election Day, those polls consistently showed him to be 10 points ahead of his opponent, George De…