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Every day the media reports the number of coronavirus cases across America and around the world. I keep an eye on Oregon, where I live, and Montana, where I grew up. Each day I am dismayed to see that my hometown of Bozeman has extended its large lead on every other city and town in the stat…

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Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, families, businesses and health care providers are facing unprecedented tough times. However, during these trying times I’m encouraged to see the strength exemplified by communities across the nation to support each other and heed warnings.

We’re reminded during COVID-19 that the beauty of this un-commonwealth isn’t limited to its majestic mountains, picturesque horse farms and flowing rivers.

The social and political response to major catastrophes often proceeds in stages. Stage 1 is denial. Thankfully, this stage is largely over for the coronavirus crisis. Not counting a few poltroons and conspiracy theorists, nobody is saying it’s all hype or no big deal.

I’m old enough to know that anger is sure to harm only one person: the one who is angry. I know because I’ve done it. So I have learned as best I can to put my anger in a black box, not in my poor stomach.