The amount of snowfall that began on Valentine’s Day and continued Monday was enough to rank it among the top five in snowfall events recorded for Paducah, according to the National Weather Service.

“Ours ended up being 9 inches of snowfall, but then it blew around a lot …” said Rachel Trevino, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Paducah, on the snowfall. “You know, you measure it from the ground, it really didn’t end up being that much, but actual snowfall was 9 inches.”

The existing historic totals available on indicate that 9 inches of snowfall on Feb. 14-15 ties for fifth in Paducah’s recorded snowfall events of 6 inches or greater (including multi-day events). It ties with March 2, 1960.

It states the No. 1 ranked amount was 14.2 inches on Dec. 22-23, 2004. The rest of the list reports: 12.2 inches on Jan. 16-17, 1978; 12.1 inches on March 4-5, 2015; 10.8 inches on Feb. 16, 2015; and 9 inches on March 2, 1960. NWS snowfall records for Paducah go back to 1937.

“We don’t have a lot of big snows,” Trevino said.

“We certainly have them. It’s not to say we never get a big snow around here, but to have a fairly significant event and then have the snow linger for so many days afterwards — often around here, we have a big snow and then two days later, we’re already melting it away.”

Aside from the snowfall, the Paducah area is also in a historic cold snap.

The NWS reported on social media that Wednesday was the seventh straight day with temperatures staying below 30 degrees in Paducah, tying the longest stretch on record, which was set twice during the winter of 1978.

That record will likely break today.

“For us, to stay below freezing for so many days in a row, (it) just doesn’t happen much around here, so this is a pretty significant cold snap for our area,” said Trevino, who added it could potentially go to nine days.

Meanwhile, WPSD Local 6 meteorologist Noah Bergren shared a weather forecast with The Sun on Wednesday, about the coming days.

He indicated there would be highs in the mid-20s today, and 1-4 inches of new snowfall by noon today. However, warmer temperatures are on the horizon for local residents.

“Next week, multiple days in the 50s are very, very likely,” Bergren said.

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