What’s your response to the impeachment of President Donald Trump?

I think this was another unnecessary impeachment. Donald Trump only has seven days left in his presidency, so there’s no way that he’s going to be removed from office before his term ends. I think at a time when we need to unify on both parties the Democrats pulled another stunt just to play to their liberal wing of their base.

Explain your rationale for voting ‘nay’ during each of the three roll call votes related to the impeachment of President Trump.

You’re talking about impeaching a president of the United States who only has seven days remaining in his term with no committee hearings, no due process, no evidence that he was the person who had an orchestrated plan to go in and raid the Capitol. I don’t think that’s very American and I don’t think the American people approve of Congress spending more time on impeachment, and I’m 100% confident that an overwhelming majority of people in my district were opposed to impeachment.

Cries for President Trump’s impeachment greatly intensified following the events at the Capitol on Jan. 6. What is your view on the events of that day?

What happened at the Capitol was awful. It was a dark day in the history of America, but I don’t think any Democrats on the floor presented evidence that Donald Trump specifically ordered those people to climb the walls of the Capitol and break the windows in and go in and wreak havoc. ... I just think that for an accusation like that you would have to give anyone due process and the opportunity to tell their side of the story. The problem that we have in American politics is both parties are so partisan now and the Democrats have already impeached Donald Trump once and then a few months after that he got 75 million votes for reelection, so I just don’t think this impeachment stunt today has a lot of credibility with most Americans.

James Comer represents Kentucky’s 1st Congressional District, which comprises 34 counties across the western and southern portions of the state — including McCracken County and the entire Purchase Area.

Reporting by Derek Operle

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