With the current heat wave and its record temperatures, it isn’t uncommon to see pets suffering from heat stroke, according to Dr. John Kelley, veterinarian at Ceglinski Animal Clinic.

With the heat wave expected to run through next week, key advice is relevant — ample shade and, “The biggest thing is fresh, cool water,” Kelley told The Sun. “It doesn’t take long for water to heat up to where it doesn’t benefit them or cool them down.”

Heat stroke symptoms in a dog or cat include panting, stumbling, falling over, vomiting and diarrhea.

“They require special treatment,” he said, regarding pets brought in suffering from heat stroke. “You have to bring their body temperatures back to normal gradually — not too fast or too slowly — with IV fluids and anti-inflammatories for the gut (if needed).

“Long-haired or short-haired pets, we’ve seen them all with heat stroke symptoms. The big thing is giving them a cool place to go — a breeze is best — with cool water.

Kevin Smith, National Weather Service meteorologist, high temperatures hovering near the 100s could last until next week’s end, though humidity should subside.

“We’ll have some relief starting today into Saturday with a cold front with (temperatures in the) mid-upper 80s to lower 90s,” Kelley said. “Starting Sunday, the heat will build again, and we could see 100 or 101 degrees by Tuesday.

“By Thursday and Friday, we’re going to feel some moisture pulled out of the air. You’re still gonna feel the heat but won’t have the pressing humidity.”

According to Kelley, advice for dealing with the heat also applies to pets — and people.

“If you have to work outside, get shade, and drink plenty of water. (With high humidity), it takes a lot of effort for people’s bodies and AC systems to cool.”

He also cautioned against fire risks as the dew point drops.

“You don’t want to be throwing any lit cigarettes into fields,” he said.

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