Certified and classified staff in the McCracken County School District will receive a 2.5% across-the-board raise in the 2022-23 school year and will also get a one-time payment in November.

Assistant Superintendent Johnna DeJarnett told the MCSD Board on Thursday that staff members would get either a 1% or 1.5% payment in November, based on the tax rate.

The increases were a result of salary negotiations with the McCracken County Education Association, which represents teachers and staff.

“Every year, we negotiate salaries, and every other year, we negotiate contract terms,” DeJarnett told the board. “This year was a salary year. The team has agreed upon a 2.5% raise for certified and classified staff.

“Then, there would be either a 1% or a 1.5% one-time payment program with fringe benefits in November of 2022. What will determine if it is 1% or 1.5% is our local tax assessments and the property tax rate to determine where the projected revenue is.”

DeJarnett said that her office believes that there will be $200,000 above and beyond what the Kentucky Department of Education predicts to be the district’s full effort in local tax dollars.

“If that comes to fruition — as we believe it will — then, that would pay for an increase in a one-time payment to get from 1% to 1.5%,” she said.

“Regarding that one-time payment, this would be based on the employee’s annual contracted salary for their main position in the district. So, for example, if someone does after-school tutoring, they don’t get the full 1.5% on top of that. It’s just based on what their annual contracted salary is.”

• The board approved Office Pride Commercial Cleaning Services to clean Concord Elementary School and Lone Oak Elementary School for the 2022-23 school year.

DeJarnett cited a lack of availability of site custodians and a low number of job applicants for those positions.

DeJarnett said there is a possibility that other schools would want to use the cleaning service and would be able to be added to the clientele.

Office Pride proposed an average area of 47,000 square feet, and stated it would clean common areas such as hallways and bathrooms as well as classrooms, but excluded large areas such as cafeterias, libraries and gymnasiums.

Its employees would work two hours a day — generally after 4 p.m. — for five days a week throughout the year.

The cost of the services is $77,092 per school each year, which would be paid through the district budget and each school’s budget.

“That price is equivalent to the cost of salaries and fringe benefits for two custodians,” DeJarnett said.

DeJarnett said using the cleaning service is not taking jobs away from potential employees, since the action was taken because of a shortage of custodians. The decision to use cleaning services would be made each year, based on need.

The board also provided information on the evaluation of Superintendent Steve Carter.

There are seven categories of leadership to evaluate: strategic, instructional, cultural, human resource, managerial, collaborative and influential. Each category is given an evaluation of exemplary, accomplished, developing and growth required, which are listed from best to worst.

The board rated Carter accomplished in strategic leadership, exemplary in instructional leadership, accomplished in cultural leadership, exemplary in human resource leadership, exemplary in managerial leadership, exemplary in collaborative leadership and accomplished in influential leadership.

Carter began his tenure as superintendent on July 1, 2019, and his current four-year term ends on June 30, 2023.

Follow David B. Snow on Twitter, @SunWithSnow, or on Facebook at facebook.com/sunwithsnow.

Follow David B. Snow on Twitter, @SunWithSnow, or on Facebook at facebook.com/sunwithsnow.

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