If you see a Sasquatch with a cup of joe in Lower Town, one of two things is happening: either you’ve just encountered a freshly caffeinated cryptid or you’ve stumbled upon The 505, a coffeehouse and CBD boutique.

Owned and operated by husband and wife duo Jacinda Janssen and Raven Weaver, The 505 has been in business since October 2020.

“I had this house downtown on one of the busiest streets in Paducah and I love the ambience of a little neighborhood coffee shop,” Janssen said. “(Raven) being the coffee snob that he is, we just thought we’d give it a go.”

The pair moved to Paducah in late 2019 from Colorado to be closer to family in Kentucky. Janssen previously lived in the property — located at 505 Martin Luther King Jr. St. — and has owned the space since 2006.

The owners had the cutout of Sasquatch made because people had been having a hard time finding the business and, Janssen joked, “nobody can find him either.”

She grew up in Colorado and Weaver has roots in New Mexico. They’ve tried to bring some of their out west flair with them to the Bluegrass State.

“You can see what makes The 505 different when you walk in. I used to joke that it brings the Southwest to the South,” Weaver said. “It just has an entirely different vibe than any place around here or western Kentucky in general.”

Customers can see this reflected in the décor, a mishmash of Native American artwork, old Southwest flavor, “country charm” and an eclectic, artsy style.

They pour Kentucky Proud coffee, roasted in Newport, for their customers and strive to bring an exacting level of curation to the shop’s stock.

“I’ve lived all over the west. I was in Seattle when Starbucks was new and over time you really develop a sense of all the tastes and there’s just so many places now,” Weaver said. “… you’re not really getting that coffee flavor, that taste, that boldness, in the coffee drinks hardly anymore. What we do and how we do it creates that more.”

Weaver continued:

“The same level of depth that went into finding roasters went into finding every product. We don’t carry anything we don’t have confidence in.”

Janssen’s personal experiences with CBD — which has helped her cope with the pain of a childhood sports injury — led her down the path to making alternative health a core tenet of The 505.

The pair will even put CBD in coffee, adding a powdered CBD oil or a packet of sugar bonded with CBD to any drink they serve.

Some people have balked at the seeming juxtaposition of adding CBD to coffee, because it’s adding a calming element to something that’s supposed to give you energy. Weaver thinks that’s actually the best part about the combination.

“There’s two things going on here. The two main reasons people use CBD are pain and anxiety,” he said. “Coffee can give a lot of people the jitters … by adding CBD to your coffee, you can get the caffeine you need without getting the jitters.”

In addition to coffee and tea, the shop carries a variety of alternative wellness products that contain CBD, local artisan soaps and bath products, candles, teas, jewelry and artwork. Their menu also currently features a small selection of pastries and soup. Janssen hopes to expand the menu moving forward.

The shop is open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. every day, with extended hours planned in the spring. Once COVID-19 becomes less of a factor, they also hope to host live music events.

Janssen’s ultimate goal is just be a place where people can find joy, and a cup of coffee.

“That’s really what we’re trying to move forward to. That’s my goal is to be this little neighborhood coffee shop where you see somebody smiling walking through the door and then you can have a little convo and they’re smiling when they walk out,” she said. “With everything that everybody has dealt with this past year, helping somebody smile is not a bad thing.”

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