MAYFIELD — In a pandemic and all the snow, it is important to remember your neighbors. That is what one Mayfield senior is saying after a kind act from local law enforcement.

Danny Cook, 70, does everything he can to keep the inside of his home warm, running heaters everywhere.

“You can see that one smoldering right now,” Cook said. “It takes a lot of wood for it to control the house.”

It is the stove that gets the job done. He stores it with wood from his backyard.

“I carried all of that in here, cleaned that sidewalk, and got it all in here,” Cook said. “I think it lasted three days here in this extreme cold.”

He has some difficulties bringing in wood in wintry weather.

“They thought I had polio and I got one leg a little bit shorter than the other, so I walk with a limp,” Cook said. “I’ve had both hips replaced, different knee replacements.”

Cook takes multiple trips in a day to bring in wood. On a recent trip, his hands were full and he almost lost his balance in a very slippery area.

He was able to reach for a gutter but he knew he would need help. Cook had called the Graves County Sheriff’s Office on Tuesday for a separate reason.

Road Sgt. Dale Mason took the call.

“Mr. Cook had called yesterday to tell us that he had located one of the guns he had reported stolen,” Mason said Wednesday.

“While I was on the phone with Mr. Cook he explained to us that he was elderly, and he had problems getting wood in his house, that’s all he heated with. ...” Mason said. Cook told him he had almost fallen “a couple of times.”

Mason hopped in a squad car and brought with him more deputies ready to haul wood.

“If he needed help, we were going to help any way we could, and we were more than glad to do it for the man,” Mason said.

Cook said they responded in less than 30 minutes. “They were like ninjas, ninja deputies!”

He felt like a million dollars.

“We’re in the middle of a pandemic and like I say with violence and the way things are in the world today, we’re supposed to love one another, everybody look out for your neighbor,” Cook said.

“I was just astounded, you know, still almost seems like a dream sometimes.”

His stove has plenty of wood for several days, without him having to go outside.

Thanks to the help of law enforcement, “I just come in here and grab me three or four pieces of wood from the pile that they so generously gave me, and just toss it in the stove,” Cook said.

Cook said he has already used a third of the wood the deputies helped bring in Tuesday.

He hopes this act of kindness will inspire others to help their neighbors.

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