METROPOLIS, Ill. -- There's something for everyone at the 12th annual Metropolis Super Con, whether it's "Game of Thrones" memorabilia, vintage comic books, Superman collectibles or Star Wars merchandise.

Super Con is an indoors convention for Superman fans, people who love pop culture, families and other visitors of the 41st Superman Celebration in Metropolis. On Friday, the event attracted fans of all ages and vendors of all types.

One Super Con customer dressed as a comic book character for the Superman Celebration wore a green costume with bright red hair. She was Mera, not the villainous Poison Ivy.

"She's a character that not a lot of people know about, honestly," said Rebekkah White of Carbondale, Illinois. "I've had a lot of people ask me who I am and then I say 'Mera,' and they're like 'Wait, who?'

"She's Aquaman's girlfriend, but she has some pretty cool powers as well and she's a total babe. Can't go wrong."

White's boyfriend loves Aquaman and they attended the Superman Celebration and Super Con together.

Alvin Minnick of Union City, Tennessee, was one of many vendors who brought a variety of comic books. His collection includes Spider-Man, Black Panther, X-Men, Immortal Hulk, Avengers, Shazam, Fantastic Four, Batman and Batgirl, and the premiere issue of Iron Man.

He's retired from the Tennessee Department of Correction and goes to different states in the region selling comic books and collectibles. He grew up loving comic books and brought an estimated 10 percent of his vast collection for his annual visit to Super Con.

"I like the artwork, actually," Minnick said. "I like the artwork more than I do the storylines, but every now and then I get into a good storyline and I stay with it."

Minnick said Immortal Hulk and The Batman Who Laughs are "hot" right now, while Captain America and Conan the Barbarian are personal favorites.

A vendor booth next to Minnick belonged to Super Con promoter Kevin Stewart of Paducah, who said weather turned out to be better than expected and crowds were "really good." His own booth featured all sorts of collectibles, comic books and other items.

"I sell a lot of vintage Superman, so early on I had a lot of people buy my older Superman stuff," Stewart said. "But you know, people buy a little bit of everything. It really surprises you, so that's why we try to have vendors with a lot of different merchandise and materials because everybody wants something different."

Stewart used to have a comic book shop in Paducah and calls Super Con a "fun time," where he gets to be a vendor and meet customers, including some repeat customers.

"It's free admission, so it doesn't cost you anything to walk in here," he said.

Super Con is located at 715 Market St., and coincides with the Superman Celebration, which concludes today. Super Con's hours today are 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

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