McCracken Fiscal Court approves rates for tax districts

The McCracken County Fiscal Court approved rates for all of the tax districts during its Monday meeting.

As reported in Tuesday's paper, the county took the maximum 4 percent increase in revenue, raising its rate to 10.1 cents per $100 compared to last year's 9.6 percent. The tangible property rate also rose, changing from 13.2 cents per $100 to 14.21.

Per $100 rates for the other districts within the county are as follows:

• The McCracken County Health District maintained its rate of 2.4 cents for real estate and tangible property.

• The McCracken County Mental Health District also remained the same, holding at 1.2 cents across the board.

• McCracken County Extension Service rose from 3.443 to 4.087 for real estate and from 9.0936 to 11.0483 for tangible property.

• McCracken County Public Library also maintained its rates, holding at 6.1 for real estate and 8.41 for tangible property.

• Paducah Junior College remained the same, 1.6 across the board.

• McCracken County Schools maintained its rate of 53.8 for both tangible property and real estate.

• Concord Fire District held at 7.5 in both property categories.

• Hendron Fire District increased its rate from 7.29 to 7.55 for both real estate and tangible property to help pay for a new fire station.

• Lone Oak Fire District stayed at the same rate, 4.7 across the board.

• Melber-New Hope Fire District's rate of 4.3 in both categories from last year is still in place.

• Reidland-Farley Fire District will hold at 7.1 in regards to both real estate and tangible property.

• West McCracken Fire District decided to keep its rate of 6.9 in both property categories.

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