Telemarketers calling our phones, many times on a daily basis, could not be more annoying.

It's a common experience these days to look at an incoming call and see a number originating in a faraway state or in some cases another country. These telemarketers have also been using our area code and the first three digits of your number to appear as if they are local callers.

The problem is they're not. You answer to hear a computer telling you of ways to save money, ways to help pay off student loans -- sometimes when you don't have any student loans to pay off -- or you've been selected to win a cruise or sum of money.

Most of the time, these are scams. Sadly, those responsible for hacking in to find your telephone number do convince some people to give them their personal information and, in some cases, their credit card numbers.

These people are predators and nothing else.

Our state needs to do something to stop these predators from being able to call our numbers to solicit money and other things. The current "no call" list in our state clearly isn't working and hasn't worked for many years now.

It's time for that to change.

The people of this state don't deserve to have their busy days interrupted by people who are bothering them with questionable phone calls. We believe a majority of our readers would agree with us on this issue as we know that some likely have been victims of these very annoying calls.

We know Kentucky Attorney General Andy Beshear has a lot going on now with lawsuits, dealing with the opioid epidemic in our state and running for governor, but we urge him to make this a priority.

At this newspaper, we have received phone calls and talked to people who have been victims of these scam artists and received calls from them, which saddens us. We are certain that if it's happening in our city it is happening to citizens all across the state.

There is simply no reason to have a "no call" list in our state if it is not going to do what it is intended to do. We urge Beshear to take a serious look at this issue and see what can be done to get a "no call" list that actually works and will put an end to these annoying and, in many cases, illegal calls that are compromising people's identities and hitting their pocket books for illegal purposes.

It's the right thing to do and we are hopeful Beshear takes steps to address this serious problem.

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