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A next step for Calvert City in managing Kentucky Dam Airport is developing an airport layout plan.

It’s basically a master plan for the next 20 years, said aviation consultant Tim Haskell. It’s a strategic document and plan for what the capital improvements will be. Haskell gave a detailed report for future airport projects at the City Council’s July 12 meeting.

An airport layout plan is a scaled, geographical presentation of the existing and future airport facilities, their location on the airport campus and pertinent clearance and dimensional information. It depicts proposed projects that have Federal Aviation Administration approval for safety, use, and efficiency. The data it shows are required by the FAA.

Haskell reminded council members that he submitted a package of grant applications for the plan and an environmental study to enable the state to install a perimeter fence aimed to keep wildlife off the runway.

“The FAA approved the plan and associated costs,” he said, citing the plan is a series of drawings that show existing and airfield changes and the drawings that prove to the FAA the facilities meet agency standards or spacing for safety for all of those issues.

“There are a couple of things we have been able to do here around that, but it’s time to update our document,” he said. “We’ll be putting our scope of work together for that. We hope that a year from now we’ll be submitting that document.

“The next phase of hangar development — if that is one of the things we get into — is the kind we’ll be discussing,” Haskell said. “We’ll be making sure it meets the FAA approval. Included with that ALP package, is the air space survey to make sure the approaches are clear and those sorts of things. So it will enable us to get that survey done to identify the final phase of the (runway) clearance. We are on schedule to get that under way and the airspace survey (aerial photography) so that we can make this year’s cut schedule.”

The runway clearance project involves removal of three to four acres of trees. However, because of an endangered species of bats at the site, the city only has a six-week window — Oct. 15 to Nov. 30 — to cut the trees.

The FAA didn’t approve the environmental study for the perimeter fence, Haskell said. “But the good news is, the state will do it; the state will pay for it; that will get done,” he added. “The state remains … committed to doing the fence as soon as possible. The environmental process should take seven or eight months, and toward the end of next year, we’ll get that fence going.”

Meanwhile, besides environmental study for the fence, “we’ll also include in that document a reevaluation of the environmental consequences of removing the three or four more acres of trees particularly in a wetland area,” Haskell said. “That’s a fairly routine process, and will be included so that we can meet the next cutting schedule. That’s important because of the application on the approaches. It’s a three-year process after you have the approaches cleared.”

Because the city is in the unusual situation of leasing and managing a state-owned facility on behalf of two state agencies, the FAA won’t grant Calvert City the money, Haskell said.

“It must go to the sponsor of the airport,” Haskell said. “The sponsor is defined as ‘he who owns the land.’ So the chief engineer … will draft a memorandum of understanding for you to review. It will specify what can and cannot be done with FAA money.”

The perimeter fence will be either 8-foot tall from top to ground with three strands of barb wire if the state builds it or 12-foot with three strands of barbwire “if the FAA gets its way,” and several feet will be underground, Haskell said in response to a question.

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