A visit to Paducah’s local Coast Guard office now comes with a special local attraction — a quilt bearing the unit’s distinct logo made by an area quilter.

Completed in the spring, the project was the idea of Commander Luis O. Carmona. The commander likes to have unique markers for every unit he works with and he wanted to show just how firmly the office is stitched into the fabric of the community.

“(Our logo and the quilt) show that network and how we work together to help the maritime industry and the marine transportation system which is the key to bringing products all the way from New Orleans, down in the gulf, all the way up to Minnesota in the north,” Carmona told The Sun. “Paducah is located right in the heartland of the United States. When you look — even though it’s one of the smaller parts of the logo — you see the confluence of the Mississippi and Ohio rivers. It makes a Y-shape with some thin lines in blue.

“It makes it special because it shows our area of responsibility here in Paducah which extends through four different states.”

The quilt, created by quilter Rebecca Glasby, bears the unit logo — which incorporates a towboat and barge, along with the lines of the river and an American flag, among other Coast Guard symbols — on top of the agency’s trademark red, white and blue racing stripes with some additional quilted designs on that.

Carmona came up with the idea over a year ago before getting in touch with Glasby, who also works as the education director for Paducah’s National Quilt Museum.

She was excited to take on the project.

“This was something different, something I hadn’t done before in working with an office or organization like the Coast Guard,” she said. “It was a fun challenge to take the logo and figure out how to use it to create a quilt … in order to really capture it with an interesting design.”

Glasby had some of the elements printed onto the quilt and added texture with stitching.

“I was able to add a lot of texture and dimension that kind of highlights all the details within the logo itself through the quilting,” she said.

Adding the racing stripes was Carmona’s idea and that, for Glasby, “really ties it all together.” Then she was able to play with color a lot more — intermingling greens, reds, blues, golds, whites and grays in her stitching, to which she also added a twisted rope border.

She finished her work in March before presenting the quilt to Carmona in April.

The end product, Carmona said, “is pretty cool.”

“I was very happy with the final product,” the commander said. “It was definitely a teamwork effort.”

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