One group mourns, another rejoices. Opinions are written. Photojournalists take pictures. “Newstainment” talking heads keep the bases stirred up. The radical middle mulls over the latest distraction, event, catastrophe. No one, not a single person, understands the implications of what just happened. Maybe it is the soldier that set off the Boston Massacre prior to the War of Independence. Perhaps it is the emancipation of slaves. Who knew how reestablishing Israel in 1948 would affect world politics? Prohibition? Trade unions? The assembly line? Genetic mapping? The internet? Social media? War on drugs, social security and welfare?

Public policy and laws matter. They affect important decisions in our lives. Whether or not to marry based on economic factors because of public assistance or tax laws. What vehicles we drive. How we heat or cool our houses. The jobs we take and how much we get paid. There is not one aspect of our lives that are not affected by the laws of the nation in which we reside. Every law, every decision — they impact different groups of people in different ways. Hopefully, the goal is fairness and justice but even our best efforts, which happen too infrequently, fall short.

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