Fat Moe's, 902 Broadway, commercial/repair/remodel.

Baptist Healthcare, 2501 Kentucky Ave., commercial/electric.

Krisha LQ, LLC, 3960 Coleman Crossing Circle, commercial/electric.

Amarpreet Pandher, 1220 Westwind Drive, residential/single family/detached.

Kentucky Oaks Mall, 5101 Hinkleville Road, commercial/repair/remodel.

Anne Bidwell, 354 Friedman Ave., residential/repair/remodel.

Charles Strong, 2730 Adams St., commercial/addition.

Warehouse Inc., 2101 Broadway, commercial/repair/remodel.

Harold and Gayle Clark, 2928 Park Ave., commercial/repair/remodel.

Kentucky Oaks Mall, 5101 Hinkleville Road, commercial/repair/remodel.

Danesh Properties Inc., 3160 Parisa Drive, commercial/repair/remodel.

730 Clark Inc., 730 Clark St., commercial/addition.

Robert and Julie Turok, 6461 Gardenview Drive, residential/addition/remodel.

First Presbyterian Church, 200 N. Seventh St., commercial/repair/remodel.

Martha Semler, 1953 Harrison St., residential/garage.

Murt Properties LLC, 1301 Broadway, commercial/repair/remodel.

Lourdes Hospital, 1530 Lone Oak Road, signs.

MMLP LLC, 3940 Coleman Crossing Circle Hotel, commercial/repair/remodel.

PGJM LLC, 119 Market House Square, commercial/electric.

Paducah Cooperative Ministry, 2001 and 2027 N. 12th St., commercial/repair/remodel.

Richard and Janice Fairhurst, 313 Nahm St., commercial/electric.

McDonald's Real Estate, 2224 Lone Oak Road, signs.

Robin and Melissa Breeden, 3239 Monroe St., residential/addition/remodel.

Joy Shields, 955-957 N. 37th St., residential/electric.

Paducah-McCracken County Convention Center, 415 Park Ave., portable/temporary/structure.

James and Gloria Shaw, 3558 LaClede Ave., residential/repair/remodel.

Bible Baptist Church, 4777 Alben Barkley Drive, commercial/mechanical.

Joseph Scott Sivills, 109 Valley Road, mechanical.

Paducah Newspapers, 408 Kentucky Ave., commercial/mechanical.

Haag-Brown Development LLC, 3521 James-Sanders Blvd., commercial/electrical.

Joseph and Sharyn Lee, 1450 H.C. Mathis Drive, residential/fence.

DJT Properties LLC, 5017 Hinkleville Road, signs.

White Swan LLC, 2540 Lone Oak Road Suite A, signs.

Thomas and Geraldine Whitton, 3644 Drury Lane, residential/repair/remodel.

The 1745 Kentucky Ave., 1745 Kentucky Ave., commercial/interior finish.

Dhomynic and Joycelyn Lightfoot, 212 N. 11th St., residential/repair/remodel.

HD Development Properties, 2801 James-Sanders Blvd., commercial/repair/remodel.

Gregg and Margaret Roberts, 230 Springwell Lane, residential/portable acc structure.

James Frankie Powell, 1508 Little Ave., reroof.

Alfred and Nancy King, 2108 Cairo Road, residential/electric.

Timothy Charles Burns Sr., 1218 Park Ave., residential/repair/remodel.

Douglas Duncan, 1614 Jefferson St., residential/electric.

Lannie Jones, 1230 Oscar Cross Ave., residential/raze.

Linda Mason, 1312 Reed Ave., residential/electric.

Billy and Donna Belcher, 2733 Fairmont St., residential/electric.

Patricia Brockenborough, 3901 Court Ave., generator.

Seritage SRC Finance LLC, 3050 New Holt Road Suite 120, signs.

Lourdes Medical Pavilion, 225 Medical Center Drive, signs.

Anthony and Farideh Reck, 1 Circle Lake Drive, residential/electric.

Judy Ferrell, 3300 Pines Road, residential/electric.

Willie and Jeffrey Allen, 1013 Clark St., residential/electric.

Ralph Gaines, 1308 Reed Ave., residential/electric.

Grant and Sandra Hughes, 909 Tennessee St., residential/electric.

Trish Boyd, 521 N. Seventh St., residential/electric.

Tryton Properties LLC, 1015 Broadway, commercial/repair/remodel.

KEF Holdings LLC, 3501 Starlite Drive, signs.

Van Key Properties LLC, 1250 N. Eighth St., signs.

Seritage SRC Finance, 3050 New Holt Road, signs.

Smith Contracting Inc., 326 N. Second St., commercial/electric.

William Warner, 700 S. Third St., commercial/electric.

Max and Judy Bastani, 823 Ivy Drive, residential/electric.

Paducah-McCracken County Convention Center, 415 Park Ave., commercial/electric.

Ross and Sara Wagner, 164 Deer Path Lane, mechanical.

Michael Ladd, 2601 Bridge St., commercial/electric.

Loye D. Sullivan, 325 Beiderman St., residential/electric.

James Reichert, 822-858 Joe Clifton Drive, commercial/electric.

Kenneth and Rachel Reuter, 2822 Kentucky Ave., residential/basement/foundation only.

First Presbyterian Church, 200 N. Seventh St., commercial/mechanical.

Aulton Settle Jr., 4029 Court Ave., residential/electric.

Brenda Faye Perdew, 849 N. 36th St., residential/electric.

McCracken County

Shannon Pearson, 2807 Benton Road, electrical/service inspection.

Art's Construction, 1210 Red Pine Circle/electrical/single family dwelling.

Keith Byrd, 6965 Lovelaceville Road, electrical/pole service.

Clark Churchwell, 6820 Old Mayfield Road, electrical/single family renovation/attached garage.

Mike Copeland, 3038 Lone Oak Road, Suite 6, electrical/commercial/adding circuit and sign.

David Funk Jr., 4530 I.C. Avenue, electrical/manufactured home.

Gary and Haley Ward, 180 Tyree Road, electrical/swimming pool.

Jay Chapman, 5320 Clinton Road, electrical/single family dwelling.

Shane Durbin, 1520 Luigs Road, electrical/pole service.

Mike Foster, 9415 Esther Lane, electrical/generator.

Bob Cook, 4767 Mayfield-Metropolis Road, electrical/service upgrade.

Chad Shelton, 4014 Maxon Road, electrical/single family dwelling.

Barry Armon, 1003 Oaks Road, electrical/garage addition.

AAA Storage, 6300 Kentucky Dam Road, storage buildings.

Matt Brawley, 5075 Nace Lane, electrical/power to accessory building.

Justin Harris, 7391 New Hope Church Road, electrical/generator.

Paul Bedwell, 8755 Old Cairo Road, electrical/renovation.

Amtrol, 3200 Bullard St., electrical/transformer upgrade.

Roy Brammer, 2655 N. Friendship Road, Lot B 1, electrical/manufactured home.

EZ Portable Buildings No. 7868, 7845 Carneal Road, electrical/pre-wire portable building.

EZ Portable Buildings No. 7877, 7845 Carneal Road, electrical/pre-wire portable building.

EZ Portable Buildings No. 7923, 7845 Carneal Road, electrical/pre-wire portable building.

EZ Portable Buildings No. 7869, 7845 Carneal Road, electrical/pre-wire portable building.

Mark Hequembourg, 160 Ken Lane, electrical/hot tub.

Justin and Katie Wheeler, 345 Gunner Drive, electrical/swimming pool.

Mary Wooten, 5704 Benton Road, electrical/generator.

Kenny Perry, 7115 Downs Road, electrical/farm building.

Howard Pulley, 4750 Metropolis Lake Road, electrical/single family residence/addition.

Henry Drury, 201 Stiles Road, electrical/carport.

Micky Heflin, 100 Prestwick Place, electrical/garage addition.

Betty Morgan, 8325 Moore Road, electrical/generator.

AAA Stow-A-Way, 951 Bleich Road, storage building.

Thomas Vance, 7925 Vance Lane, electrical/generator.

Lisa Shelby, 3940 Maxon Road, electrical/change out box.

Eddie Smith, 3113 Hovekamp Road, electrical/service change/rewire.

Tommy Lynn 3405 Cook St., electrical/pole service.

David Reed, 5465 Noble Road, electrical/connect 3-phase to water well.

Vapors 4 U, 5320 Hinkleville Road, Suite D, electrical/commercial build out.

Blake Puckett, 6455 Bethel Church Road, single family residence.

Larry Edison, 6200 Cairo Road, remove wall/install beam.

Henry Drury, 201 Stiles Road, enclose carport.


John Pollpeter, 910 Bee Creek Drive, single family dwelling/addition.

Lake Chem Federal Credit Union, 1105 Octane Drive, commercial/new bank.

DAE-IL USA Inc., 112 Robert Young Blvd., commercial/factory.

SBG 1320 LLC, 2207 Vintage Hills Drive, multi-family dwelling/duplex.

SBG 1320 LLC, 2214 Vintage Hills Drive, multi-family dwelling/duplex.

Blake and Shawna Munger, 643 N. Fourth St., commercial/new office.

Mike Cowen, 106 Max Hurt Drive, commercial/new storage building.

Taylor Houston, 286 King Drive, single family dwelling/addition.

Orazio Villanova/Debbie Hixon, 810 N. 18th St., single family dwelling/garage.

Metropolis, Illinois

James Sweatt, 25 Woodhaven Drive, residential/storage shed.

Holt Recycling, 917 East Second St., residential/demolition.

Holt Recycling, 911 East Second St., residential/demolition.

Brenda Holt, 907 East Second St., residential/demolition.

Tina Mercer, 1300 Girard St., residential/demolition.

Lonnie Faulkner, 1404 Girard St., residential deck.

Johnny Adams, 202 West 12th St., residential/bathroom.

Tony Krueger, 22 Chick St., residential/screened porch/patio.

Massac County, Illinois

Harris Farms, 2191 Dornbush Road, grain bin.

Carolyn Farmer, 3136 Old Marion Road, garage/breezeway.

Sarah and Nathan Jones, Belknap, residential addition.

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