McDonald's Real Estate Co., 2627 Jackson St., signs.

Cole Lumber Co., 1035 Division St., commercial/repair/remodel.

Gary Dean and Carol Jean Pardun, 2225 Jefferson St., residential/repair/remodel.

James and Marsha Blythe, 1231 Hampton Ave., residential/raze.

Kevin Qualls, 3736 Niblick Lane, residential/single family detached.

Mid-South Energy Properties, 1720 Irvin Cobb Drive, commercial/accessory building.

Mark and Kathryn Joyner, 11 Circle Lake Drive, residential/single family detached.

Falconite Development Inc., 3235 Olivet Church Road, Suite E, commercial/repair/remodel.

Falconite Development Inc., 3235 Olivet Church Road, Suite A, commercial/repair/remodel.

Robert Stanley Eckenberg, 224 Jennifer Lynn Drive, residential/repair/remodel.

Bruce and Edith Eckenberg, 301 S. 17th St., residential/garage.

Cara Hadley, 4800 Stanley Drive, residential/single family detached.

Kentucky Oaks Mall., 5101 Hinkleville Road, signs.

211 Broadway LLC, 211 Broadway, commercial/repair/remodel.

Midway Management LLC, 3068 Clark St., commercial/transmitter structure.

Catcher and Resolve LLC, 3941 Mike Smith Drive, commercial/repair/remodel.

Hipp Property Group, 2851 Jackson St., commercial/reroof.

Justin Farber, 3801 Phillips Ave., residential/single family detached.

Market House Theatre, 823 Harrison St., commercial/repair/remodel.

Wildcat Real Estate LLC, 1715 Madison St., mechanical.

Independence Bank of Kentucky, 922 McGuire Ave., commercial/electric.

Nancy Jennings, 3926 Primrose Place, residential/porch/deck.

Debra Jones, 1160 N. 12th St., residential/fence.

Nancy Jennings, 3926 Primrose Place, residential/electric.

Mary Lee, 2136 Broadway, signs.

Arcadia Street Development LLC, 232 Lone Oak Road, commercial/electric.

Property Management Group, 1415 H.C. Mathis Drive, residential/electric.

Falconite Development Inc., 3235 Olivet Church Road, Suite A, commercial/equipment mechanical.

Trinity United Methodist Church, 6125 Blandville Road, commercial/electric.

Truman Wimberly, 1140 N. 14th St., residential/raze.

City of Paducah, 1142 N. 14th St.,, residential/raze.

Julie McEwen, 1212 N. 14th St., residential/raze.

James Dickey, 926 S. Fourth St.., residential/raze.

Kathleen Kelly, 517 N. Seventh St., residential/single family detached.

Riviera Apartments LLC, 2967 Harrison St., commercial/reroof.

Valley Road Properties LLC, 817-19-21-23 Broadway, signs.

Modco of Kentucky, 5021 Hinkleville Road, Suite B, signs.

THF Paducah Parcel, 3236 Irvin Cobb Drive, signs.

Castle CFD Group LLC, 906 Oscar Cross Ave., residential/repair/remodel.

Thomas Wilcox, 1225 Hampton Ave., residential/raze.

Matthew and Jamie Parker, 806 Jefferson St., reroof.

H&G Construction Co., 3420 Coleman Road, commercial/electric.

City of Paducah Electric Plant Board, 1500 Broadway, commercial/electric.

Michael and Amy Bakehouse, 216 S. 19th St., residential/electric.

Donald and Patricia Swiford, 615 S. Fourth St., residential/repair/remodel.

Julia Myhand, 1955 North Friendship Road, residential/electric.

Hawker Holdings LLC, 3306 Coleman Road, commercial/electric.

Charles and Peggy Cole, 422 S. Fourth St., residential/repair/remodel.

Richard and Marilyn Hines, 815 Bethel St., residential/repair/remodel.

Christopher and Melissa Ryan, 1227 Beresford Way, residential/electric.

AAA Stow-A-Way, 144 County Park Road, commercial/storage structure.

Charles Strong, 2730 Adams St., commercial/electric.

Jose Luis Lovera, 112 S. Fifth St., Suite 102, commercial/electric.

Robert Brian Vanzant, 1720 Madison St., residential/electric.

Robert Wyatt and Helene Davis, 117 Market House, commercial/electric.

Mortgage and Investment Co., 1240 Broadway, commercial/electric.

Roy Lipscomb, 2568 Clay St., residential/fence.

D&M Properties of Western Kentucky, 1722 Madison St., residential/electric.

Commercial Property Invest LLC, 3906 Hinkleville Road, commercial/repair/remodel.

Greenway Village, 3460 Trail Head Drive, residential/apartment buildings 3 and 4.

James Marine Inc., 1816 S. Fourth St., commercial/electric.

LLM Inc., 937 Jefferson St., commercial/electric.

Premier Storage LLC, 3300 Wayne Sullivan Drive, signs.

Van and Phyllis Sims, 6418 Barberrry Drive, residential/addition/remodel.

Becky and Francisco Ixcoy, 2028 Washington St., residential/fence.

Gloria Feezor, 4339 Miller Drive, residential/fence.

CC Crossroads, 130 Lone Oak Road, commercial/electric.

Paducah-McCracken County Convention Center, 711 N. Sixth St., new structure/portable/temporary.

Richard and Shellenne Tapp, 2640 H.C. Mathis Drive, signs.

Autozone Development Corp., 2809 Jackson St., commercial/electric.

Blue Cheetah Properties LLC, 1029 Martin L. King Drive, residential/electric.

Kelly and Rebecca Ausbrooks, 407 Broadway, commercial/reroof.

Elmer Jackson, 629 S. Eighth St., residential/raze.

Tiffany Marie Bottoms, 1111 Madison St., residential/fence.

Howard Crockett Properties LLC, 306 Harahan Blvd., residential/electric.

Robert Kyle Smith, 516 S. Sixth St., residential/raze.

McCracken County

David Graziano, 3615 Mayfield-Metropolis Road, addition/garage.

Chris Link, 5327 Pace Drive, detached accessory.

Charles Manley, 3365 Tori Trail, detached accessory.

Art's Construction, 235 Cimmaron Way, addition/back porch.

McCracken County Schools, 6785 Old U.S. Hwy. 60, storage building.

Rainbow International, 7309 Old Benton Road, commercial building.

William Copeland, 470 Parker St., roof over back porch.

Doug Carroll, 210 Massac Church Road, garage addition.

Hack Building Inc., 100 Twinson Court, townhouse.

Hack Building Inc., 102 Twinson Court, townhouse.

Roland Topcik, 120 Forrest Ridge Cove, swimming pool.

DW Simmons, 225 Downing Cove, single family dwelling.

Jimmy Garrett, 2660 Skyline Drive, addition.

Eric Jones, 230 Chadwick St., garage addition.

Cheryl Perilloux, 114 & 116 Park Road, electrical/service inspection.

Derek Pugh, 610 Walnut, electrical/service upgrade.

Jeff James, 3165 North Friendship Road, electrical/wiring basement.

David Arant, 6810 Benton Road, electrical/complete rewire.

Herman Holt, 1865 Lovelaceville-Florence Station Road West, electrical/generator.

Twelve Oaks Baptist Church, 2110 New Holt Road, electrical/electric sign.

Westridge Community, 7410 Light Foot, electrical service inspection/manufactured home.

World Harvest Church, 3250 Steele Road, electrical/electric sign.

EZ Portable Building No. 8650, 7845 Carneal Road, electrical/prewire portable building.

EZ Portable Building No. 8605, 6845 Carneal Road, electrical/prewire portable building.

EZ Portable Building No. 8606, 7845 Carneal Road, electrical/prewire portable building.

Cole Gourley, 5300 Old Mayfield Road, electrical/manufactured home.

Jim Kelm, 5630 Kentucky Dam Road, electrical/partial rewire.

Reynaldo Lopez, 900 Cindy Drive, electrical/swimming pool.

Joe Gorline, 4460 Contest Road, electrical/accessory building.

Superior Sealcoating of Western Kentucky, 4030 Clarks River Road, electrical/connect LP Dispensing System.

USA Management, 2731 Colony Drive, electrical/service repair.

Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant, 5505 Hobbs Road, electrical/new service.

Flex Properties, 320A Strathmore, electrical/upgrade.

Phonograph Farms LLC, 2655 Reeves Road, electrical/pole barn.

Adam Felts, 7070 Lightfoot Road, electrical/detached accessory.

EZ Portable Buildings No. 8544, 7845 Carneal Road, electrical/prewire portable building.

EZ Portable Buildings No. 8586, 7845 Carneal Road, electrical/prewire portable building.

EZ Portable Buildings No. 8648, 7845 Carneal Road, electrical/prewire portable building.

Randy Griggs, 1136 Rutter St., electrical/accessory building.

Merryman House, 435 Berger Road, electrical/accessory building.

Dana Smith, 920 Oaks Road, electrical/service inspection.


Dollar Tree, 1200 Main St., commercial/renovation.

Solid Rock Development, 2311 Deerfield Run, single family dwelling/new.

City of Murray, 725 S. Fourth St., demolition.

City of Murray, 715 River Road, demolition.

Max and Kenneth Cleaver, 106 Industrial Road, demolition.

Robert Overby, 801 S. Fourth St., demolition.

Greg Gilson, 800 River Road, demolition.

Daniel Yong, 2224 Traci Drive, single family dwelling/new.

Brenda and Robert Volp, 409 N. Fifth St., demolition.

Eyecare Associates of Kentucky, 817 N. 12th St., commercial/change of use.

FNB Bank, 611 S. 12th St., commercial/renovation.

Massac County, Illinois

Dorothy Sparks, 1138 Mount Mission Road, sunroom.

Matthew and Tara Alsip, 1125 Mount Mission Road, garage.

Christopher Henry, 7551 Riepe Ridge Road, pole barn.

Michael Childers, Haverkamp Road, pole barn.

Jerome and Vickie Hoard, 2510 Ill. 145, pole barn.

Jeffrey Harris, 4339 Maple Road, goat barn.

Metropolis, Illinois

A1 Automotive, 721 Ferry St., commercial/demolition.

Massac Materials, 810 E. Third St., residential/demolition.

Immanuel Baptist Church, 217 W. 11th St., residential/demolition.

Justin Holt, 1016 E. Second St., industrial/demolition.

Carl Nicholson, 7 Northview Estates, residential/portable building.

Dave Mason, 400 W. 10th St., commercial/demolition.

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