Kristen Beck


Nurse anesthetist, Total Anesthesia Solutions, Mayfield

Age: 36

Education: Bachelor's in nursing, University of Kentucky; Master's in nursing, Murray State University.

Some of Beck's professional accomplishments include:

n 2018 Recipient of a national State Farm Neighborhood Assist Grant ($25,000).

n Johnson and Johnson Campaign for Nursing National Scholarship.

n Graduated Summa Cum Laude, University of Kentucky.

A few of the organizations she has been involved in:

n Founder of The Moses Basket (along with sister, Lacey Baker), a nonprofit organization that assists foster and relative care families and children throughout Western Kentucky.

n American Association of Nurse Anesthetists.

What is the biggest challenge for a young leader in today's workplace?

Time Management. I feel like I can communicate for many fellow peers in the same position as myself concerning this topic. Balancing a growing family, a profession, and overseeing a non-profit have forced me to further assess each endeavor presented instead of automatically answering with "yes." Valuing quality over quantity has been a learning lesson for me personally. The ability to respectfully decline potential opportunities and zero-in on a few specific projects has produced more fruitful results than agreeing to everything with mediocre outcomes.

What is one characteristic that you believe every leader should possess?

Perspective. Whether it is working in healthcare or through The Moses Basket, I have learned that every individual you encounter will bring to the table strengths and weaknesses. These attributes (whether positive or negative), have been honed by each person's life experiences, and are firmly engrained in the individual. As a leader, it is not my goal to change these characteristics, but to find an avenue for growth, allowing those positive qualities to strengthen and the individual excel.

What are you doing to ensure you continue to grow and develop as a leader?

From a professional perspective, I attend continuing education events through labs, lectures and seminars as frequently as my schedule allows, guaranteeing my knowledge and skill set are up to date, thus ensuring I am able to provide the optimal level of care to the patients I am given the opportunity to care for.

From a community outlook, I am in constant communication with our area social workers, foster families, and support staff, thus guaranteeing The Moses Basket is meeting the needs of our foster community to the best of our ability. Since our inception, we have welcomed feedback from the public and are constantly adapting to further ease the burden these families incur. Specific examples of this include development of a website permitting requests to be submitted online at the families convenience, obtaining a $25,000 State Farm Neighborhood Assist Grant (allowing us to expand from the original two pilot counties to twelve in just over two years), and the recruitment of countless, invaluable volunteers in our region.

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