Paducah Bank & Trust, 2401 Broadway, commercial/canopy.

Burton 4 LLC, 2851-2855 Lone Oak Road, commercial/canopy.

E. Dean Dome, 4813 Alben Barkley Drive, commercial/addition.

West Kentucky Easter Seal Center, 2229 Mildred St., commercial/repair/remodel.

The Paducah Parcel, 3236 Irvin Cobb Drive, commercial/interior finish.

Burbank's Investments LLC, 2965 Jackson St., commercial/canopy.

Family Service Society Inc., 827 Joe Clifton Drive, commercial/repair/remodel.

Tasco Properties LLC, 5194 Hinkleville Road Suite 103, signs.

Joseph and Pam Cash, 447 Villa Ridge Drive, generator.

Mike and Nysa Hays, 425 Hays Ave., electrical/residential.

Paducah-McCracken County JSA, 1408 N. Eighth St., commercial/electric.

Joshua Brown, 430 Minerva Place, residential/repair/remodel.

Lourdes Hospital, 1530 Lone Oak Road, commercial/electric.

B Squared Equality, 624 Caldwell St., commercial/electric.

Kentucky Bell Inc., 3120 James Sanders Blvd., commercial/electric.

JWNC Inc., 1601 Little Ave., commercial/electric.

Ducmall LLC, 5050 Hinkleville Road, signs.

ETC Development, 405 Broadway, signs.

Pattman LLC, 3150 Irvin Cobb Drive, signs.

Bishop John J. McRaith, 5645 Blandville Road, signs.

Margaret Hank Church, 1526 Park Ave., signs.

Steven and Tamala Williams, 622 Oscar Cross Ave., signs.

Robert Robinson, 2032 Clay St., residential/raze.

Howard and Pauline Helm, 1104 Ellis St., residential/raze.

Contempra Corp., 2914 Fairmont St., residential/raze.

Alberta Stevens, 766 Levin Ave., residential/raze.

Elmo and Catherine Jackson, 714 Oscar Cross Ave., residential/raze.

Darrell Reed, 115 Woodward St., residential/repair/remodel.

Store Master Funding, 2902 Park Ave., commercial/electric.

Store Master Funding, 2070 Lone Oak Road, commercial/electric.

C. Hutchinson and Martha Smith, 323 Hilldale Road, residential/electric.

Murt Properties LLC, 1301 Broadway, commercial/electric.

The 3201 Irvin Cobb Drive Land, 3201 Irvin Cobb Drive Suite 1, commercial/electric.

Walter Andrew Shultz, 718 Whitney Drive, residential/repair/remodel.

Andrew and Hannah Hammonds, 2709 Harrison St., residential/electric.

Robert and April Vanzant, 2527 Park Ave., residential/repair/remodel.

Nelson and Candace Rodriguez, 2103 Jackson St., residential/electric.

Premier Storage LLC, 3300 Wayne Sullivan Drive, commercial/electric.

Chad Hawkins, 803 N. 25th St., residential/electric.

1369 Properties LLC, 715 Joe Clifton Drive, commercial/electric.

Wildcat Real Estate, 1715 Madison St., residential/electric.

Surene LLC, 949 N. 26th St., residential/electric.

Thaddyeus Thompson, 1611 Monroe St., residential/repair/remodel.

Michael and Lisa Stone, 301 N. 36th St., residential/electric.

Gerad William Comer, 305 Harahan Blvd., residential/electric.

Disabled American Veterans, 1133 Murray Ave., commercial/electric.

Starfish Orphan Ministry, 1000 Broadway, commercial/electric.

McCracken County

Woodlawn Memorial Gardens & Mausoleum, 6965 Old U.S. 45, mausoleum.

Donald Sills, 300 Ruoff Drive, garage.

Dusty's Outdoor Media, 3919 Cairo Road, electrical/install outdoor electric sign.

Clifford Fowler, 124 Holmes Road, electrical/manufactured home.

Mauretta LaGore, 847 Burkhart Lane, electrical/service inspection.

Lynn McCutchen, 3919 Cairo Road, electrical/run electric to storage building.

Mike Rude, 2890 Dalton Lane, electrical/install new meter base.

Animal Kare Center, 2625 Olivet Church Road, electrical/commercial addition.

Comcast Cable, 2295 Lovelaceville Road, electrical/install electric service to pole.

Behavioral Health Group, 2705 Olivet Church Road, electrical/commercial addition.

Mitch Witherspoon, 8630 Clinton Road, electrical/pole service.

Rodney Pearce, 80 Evergreen Lane, electrical/detached accessory.

Harold Dick, 4420 Clark's River Road, electrical/pole service.

McCracken County Public Schools, 354 Lakeview Drive, electrical/service change.

Linda Franklin, 4925 I.C. Avenue, electrical/panel change out.

Herman Holt, 1865 Lov-Flo-Station Road West, electrical/detached accessory.

State Farm Buildout, 2520 New Holt Road Suite G, electrical/commercial buildout.

State Farm Buildout, 2520 New Holt Road, Suite I, electrical/commercial buildout.

Housman Partners, 205 South Friendship Road, electrical/commercial addition.

Justin Mason, 7375 Downs Road, electrical/manufactured home.

Tommy Woodford, 2044 Dixie Ave., electrical/service inspection.

Aaron Haas, West 395 Lov-Flo-Station Road, electrical/pole service.

Joyce Shockley, 140 Jalusian Trail, electrical/panel upgrade.

Mike Vessels, 2356 Husbands Road, electrical/generator.

Comcast Cable, 5825 Bradford Road, install electrical service to pole.

Comcast Cable, 6960 McNeil Alsip Road, install electrical service to pole.

DEA Properties, 2190 New Holt Road, electrical/commercial building.

Randy Orr, 6301 St. Andrews Drive, electrical/garage addition.

EZ Portable Buildings No. 8387, 7845 Carneal Road, electrical/pre-wire portable building.

Mike Copeland, 220 Mathew Drive, electrical/generator installed.

Rachel Jones, 224 Edwards Drive, electrical/service upgrade.

KD Electric, 135 Summit Trail, electrical/breaker box change out.

James Enlow, 10320 U.S. Hwy. 60 west, electrical/pole service.

Jay Sullivan, 224 Edwards Drive, removing wall.


Johnny McDougal, 903 Meadow Lane, single family dwelling/garage.

Troy Stovall, 1610 Miller Ave., commercial/addition.

George V. Nichols, 1504 Cardinal Drive, single family dwelling/porch/addition.

Dave and D'Lee Gesler, 1003 Westgate Drive, single family dwelling/garage.

Massac County, Ill.

Gary Angelly, 8646 Independence Road, grain bin.

Jon Holland, 1173 Country Club Road, pole barn.

Metropolis, Ill.

M. Russell Enterprises, 118 Dorris Drive, sewer tap.

John Meyer, 708 Broadway, remove mobile home.

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