City of Paducah, 421 N. 13th St., new government structure.

Seritage SRC Finance LLC, 3050 New Holt Road Suite 130, commercial/interior finish.

Walmart Properties Inc., 5130 Hinkleville Road, commercial/repair/remodel.

Kentucky Oaks Mall, 5101 Hinkleville Road, commercial/repair/remodel.

Burton 4 LLC, 2851-2855 Lone Oak Road, commercial/repair/remodel.

CF Net Lease Portfolio, 521 Lone Oak Road, signs.

J&L Development Company, 467 Jordan Drive, commercial/shell only.

Paducah-McCracken County Convention Center, 415 Park Ave., commercial/repair/remodel.

Ronnie Stroud, 6700 Tuscan Road, pool.

Ronald Long, 420 Kincaid St., raze/residential.

Emily Cope, 1305 Mayfield Road, raze/residential.

Virginia Ledford, 1130 N. 10th St., raze/residential.

Paula Stewart and Greg Meyers, 1544 S. Fifth St., raze/residential.

HD Development Properties, 2801 James Sanders Blvd., commercial/repair/remodel.

Diane Regina Davis, 252 Alben Barkley Drive, raze/residential.

Anthony and Farideh Reck, 1 Circle Lake Drive, pool.

Deer Property Holdings, 5455 Commerce Drive, commercial/repair/remodel.

Mark and Jacquelyn Fenske, 2842 Cornell St., residential/porch/deck.

Matthew and Karen Gleue, 221 Sycamore Drive, residential/electric.

Ducmall LLC, 5050 Hinkleville Road, commercial/electric.

Christopher and Jennifer Bebout, 901-907 Aspen Way, residential/fence.

Alford Industries LLC, 1701 Kentucky Ave., signs.

Catcher and Resolve LLC, 3941 Mike Smith Drive, signs.

Falconite Real Estate, 451 Jordan Drive Suite F2, signs.

Joyce Walden, 1616 S. Sixth St., signs.

Mary Lee, 2136 Broadway, commercial/electric.

Russell and Phyllis Nanni, 4700 Exall Lane, residential/electric.

Shirley Irene Henry, 2941 Virginia St., residential/porch/deck.

Paducah Medical Investors LLC, 544 Lone Oak Road, commercial/electric.

Falconite Real Estate, 451 Jordan Drive Suite F2, commercial/electric.

King Properties and Rentals LLC, 3215 Irvin Cobb Drive Suite 103, commercial/electric.

J Anne M. Properties LLC, 3633 Hinkleville Road, commercial/electric.

Paducah-McCracken County Convention Center, 126 Broadway, commercial/repair/remodel.

RCA Investments, 1102 Burnett St., residential/raze.

Clarence and Frances Crawford, 1421 Bloomfield Ave., residential/repair/remodel.

Susan and Rodger Kendall Morgan, 1407 Walter Jetton Blvd., residential/repair/remodel.

Paducah Transit Authority, 850 Harrison St., commercial/mechanical.

Brent Obermark, 3001 Clark St., residential/electric.

Upland Properties LLC, 2525 Wayne Sullivan Drive, commercial/electric.

MEM Cheth Properties LLC, 3500 Park Ave., commercial/repair/remodel.

Marianna Vanzant, 2025 Park Ave., commercial/electric.

Modco of Kentucky Inc., 5021 Hinkleville Road Suite B, commercial/electric.

Dave and Stacey Knight, 906 N. 24th St., residential/repair/remodel.

M&K Properties LLC, 411 N. Seventh St., commercial/electric.

Rosary Catholic Church, 621 Clarence Gaines St., commercial/electric.

Musselman Properties LLC, 901 N. 25th St., residential/repair/remodel.

City of Paducah, 318 Broadway, commercial/raze.

Kentucky Oaks Mall, 5101 Hinkleville Road, commercial/electric.

City of Paducah, 326 Broadway, commercial/raze.

Jim Hensley, 1720 Broad St., residential/electric.

Paducah-McCracken County Convention Center, 415 Park Ave., commercial/electric.

Bradley W. Barrow Trustee, 2950 Wayne Sullivan Drive, commercial/electric.

Hamilton Living Trust, 5172 Hinkleville Road, commercial/electric.

Gregory and Deidra Barlow, 1317 S. Ninth St., residential/raze.

Jerry Allen Davenport, 1611 Broad St., residential/electric.

Paducah Medical Investors LLC, 544 Lone Oak Road, signs.

S&K Rentals LLC, 243 Bruce Ave., commercial/electric.

Dane and Ilene Musselman, 1217 Tennessee St., residential/fence.

M.H. Conrad Properties LLC, 3794 Hinkleville Road, commercial/electric.

Paul and Juliette Grumley, 4300 Alben Barkley Drive, commercial/electric.

McCracken County

Terri Gentry, 109 Lutes Road, electrical/generator.

John Ellis, 357 Englert Drive, electrical/detached accessory.

Tanna Underwood, 6201 Keaton Lane, electrical/garage.

Carl Baker, 2160 Lane Road, cover existing porch.

Kevin Housman, 3855 Cleary Drive, replace roof system due to fire/single family dwelling.

Ideal Mart, 6801 Cairo Road, canopy.

Steve Courtney, 5328 Benton Road, alteration.

Hack Partners, 140 North Friendship Road, electrical/commercial building.

Mike Shepard, 9835 Crotzer Road, electrical/pulling, replacing outlets.

Payden Harned, 4380 Mayfield Metropolis Road, electrical/relocate circuits.

EZ Portable Buildings No. 8405, 7845 Carneal Road, electrical/prewire portable building.

EZ Portable Buildings No. 8491, 7845 Carneal Road, electrical/prewire portable building.

EZ Portable Buildings No. 8402, 7845 Carneal Road, electrical/prewire portable building.

Wildcat Real Estate, 3553 Clinton Road Lot 58, electrical/manufactured home.

Comcast Cable, 2300 South Friendship Road, electrical/install electrical service to new pole.

Comcast Cable, 3925 Magruder Road, electrical/install electric service to new pole.

Mercy Health-Lourdes Hospital, 6321 Kentucky Dam Road, electrical/new commercial building.

Paducah Rigging, 4150 Old Cairo Road, electrical/replace lights.

Kevin Housman, 3855 Cleary Drive, electrical, complete rewire.

David Moore, 330 Barton Circle, electrical/panel change out.

Rick Sutton, 7665 Blandville Road, electrical/panel change.

Sheila Walker, 2924 Phillip Blvd., electrical/mobile home.

Ideal Mart, 6801 Cairo Road, electrical/canopy.

Billy Riley, 7050 Noble Road, electrical/manufactured home.

The Parlor, 3033 Lone Oak Road, electrical/move outlets.

Richard Brinley, 1111 Lebanon Church Road, electrical/single family dwelling/generator install.


David Perlow, 1902 Melrose Drive, single family dwelling/addition.

Black Pearl Properties, 111 Poplar St., Suite 106, commercial/office buildout.

SBG 1320 LLC, 2216 Vintage Hills Drive, single family dwelling/duplex.

Bob and Julia Spann, 821 Sha Wa Court, demolition.

Bunnarath Mao, 201 N. 12th St., Suite C, commercial/buildout.

Metropolis, Ill.

ARTFX, 109 W. Fifth St., commercial/sign.

Scott and Angela Corzine, 506 E. Sixth St., residential/storage building.

Edward Jones, 109 W. Fifth St., commercial/remodel.

Carol Horn, 1806 Helm St., residential/storage building.

AES Solar, 116 Dorris Drive, residential/solar panel installation.

Massac County, Ill.

Frank and Myra Bennett, 2726 Teague Hill Road, garage w/carport.

Beam Home Rentals, 9325 Hohman Lake Road, vacation rental.

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