Kenneth D. and Beth Hunt, 22 Circle Lake Drive, residential, single family dwelling.

Housing Authority of Paducah, 2330 Ohio Street RPLX, commercial, repair/remodel.

Colgan Properties LLC, 101 Colonial Court, commercial, office/bank building.

Baptist Healthcare System Inc., 2501 Kentucky Avenue, commercial, electric.

Paducah Parcel W. Development, 3216 Irvin Cobb Drive C, commercial, repair/remodel.

WEC98H-26, 538 Lone Oak Road, commercial, repair/remodel.

Hipp Property Group Inc., 2851 Jackson Street C1, commercial, repair/remodel.

Kentucky Oaks Mall Company, 5101 Hinkleville Road 503, commercial, shell only.

Randall D. and Judith O. Warmath, 3632 Niblick Lane, residential, single family detached building.

All Points Development LLC, 5325 U.S. Highway 60, commercial, retail sales.

Donnie and Beverly Roberts, 2122 Broadway, commercial, repair/remodel.

Patrick J. and Sheri A. Molitor, 1910 Jefferson Street, residential, garage.

Towning Express LLC, 1201 South 6th Street, commercial, electric.

CC Crossroads LLC, 130 Lone Oak Road, commercial, interior finish.

Signature Homes of Paducah LLC, 3779 Niblick Lane, swimming pool.

Paducah Cooperative Ministry, 2001 N. 12th Street RPLX, commercial, repair/remodel.

Michael G. Walker, 900 Bell Avenue, residential, electric.

Red Ink Ltd., 409 Broadway, commercial, electric.

DJT Properties, LLC 5017 Hinkleville Road Suite A, commercial, electric.

KSA Enterprises Inc., 3526 James Sanders Boulevard, commercial, equipment-electrical.

City of Paducah, 505 South 9th Street, commercial, electric.

Kim Pierce Renz, 728 North 26th Street, commercial, electric.

Paducah Holdings LP, 3141 Park Avenue C1, signs.

Joshua D. Guess, 2908 Washington Street, residential, fence.

Ramona C. Ford, 2519 Laclede Avenue, residential, electric.

Newcomb Reality LLC, 5169 Hinkleville Road, commercial, equipment mechanical.

Newcom Reality LLC, 2310 Lone Oak Road C1, commercial, equipment mechanical.

David C. and Cheryl A. Morrison, 2430 Seneca Lane, residential, electrical.

Terry and Ann Anderson, 600 N. 32nd Street, signs.

Old National Bank, 117 S. 3rd Street, signs.

Falconite Real Estate, 2705 Olivet Church Road, signs.

Valley Road Properties LLC, 2811 Lone Oak Road C1, signs.

L and J Development LLC, 217 Broadway Mixed, commercial, reroof.

HKNH Properties LLC, 2913 Goodman Street, residential, repair/remodel.

Frances K. Ross, 3749 Ramona Drive, residential, fence.

Raptor Petroleum LLC, 128 W 3rd Street, commercial, repair/remodel.

Horizon Restaurant Group LLC, 3970 Hinkleville Road, commercial,repair/remodel.

Bible Baptist Church Inc., 4777 Alben Barkley Drive CPLX, commercial, mechanical.

Richard M. and Rebecca Rhea, 134 Clements Street, residential, electrical.

Burks Chapel AME Church, 635 Ohio Street, commercial, reroof.

Antlers LLC, 2200 Bridge Street, residential, single family detached building.

John B. Vontesmar, 2501 Jackson Street, signs.

Charles W. Jackson, 200 South 31st Street CPLX, commercial, reroof.

Justin Alan Emmons, 2614 Jefferson Street, residential, electric.

Mark Lumbley, 1108 Miller Street, residential, fence.

Malinda Maulding, 1119 Miller Street, residential, raze.

Cheryl F. Houston, 5201 5259 Oglivie Avenue RPLX, signs.

US Properties LLC, 4793 Village Square Drive Unit C, signs.

Hurt Properties LLC, 1301 Broadway, signs.

Evergreen Services of Paducah, 226 N. 4th Street, signs.

The Paducah Parcel W Development, 3236 Irvin Cobb Drive, signs.

Kentucky Oaks Mall Company, 3411 James-Sanders Blvd., signs.

Rivers Edge RBG, LLC, 5194 Hinkleville Road Suite 104B, signs.

McCracken County Schools District, 5184 Hinkleville Road, signs.

Benjamin and Capulan Gurrola, 3225 Jefferson Street, residential, repair/remodel.

Sam and Carl D. Rouse Caldwell, 1022 Gardner Avenue, residential, repair/remodel.

Paducah McCracken County CVC, 415 Park Avenue, new structure, portable/temporary.

CC Crossroads LLC, 116 Lone Oak Road, commercial, raze.

Ingram Sheet Metal Inc., 326 N. 4th Street, signs.

The Respite LLC, 502 N. 5th Street, commercial, electric.

Susan Whiteside, 1900 Clay Street, residential, repair/remodel.

WEC98H-26 LLC, 538 Lone Oak Road, commercial, electric.

McMurray and Livingston Building, 201 Broadway, commercial, mechanical.

Dale E. and Ruth A. Brewer, 2326 Shawnee Lane, residential, electric.

Antleers LLC, 2200 Bridge Street, commercial, electric.

Jeffery A and Cindy L. Self, 540 South 21st Street, residential, electric.

Marianna A Vanzant, 715 South 3rd Street, commercial, electric.

M.H. Conrad Properties, LLC, 3790 Hinkleville Road CPLXC, commercial, electric.

McCracken County

Dee Eddings, 9630 Blandville Road, garage addition.

Larry Fondaw, 606 Oaks Road, electrical service change.

David Hawes, 6560 Clinton Road, electrical service upgrade.

Jon Bolton, 6644 Cairo Road, generator.

Matt Dempsey, 355 Cimarron Way, swimming pool.

Jeff Hayes, 4810 Old Benton Road, change out main breaker.

Paul Harper, 7188 Old US 45, detached garage.

Moss Maupin, 3240 McKendree Church Road, electrical service inspection.

Belinda Page, 10880 Old Lovelaceville Road, replace power box.

Kathy Olsen, 6500 Cold Springs Road, swimming pool.

Fred Rupcke, 1149 Oaks Road, complete electrical rewire.

Carol Saunders, 140 Magalyn Drive, detached accessory.

Levi Woolridge, 2249 Blankenship Drive, electrical service change.

Animal Care Center, 2625 Olivet Church Road, commercial addition, kennel.

Art's Construction, 1100 Red Pine Circle, single family dwelling.

JSA Paducah, 5020 Craven Drive, lift station.

Signet Federal Credit Union, 2620 Lone Oak Road, commercial addition.

Sheila Warren, 200 Gilhaven Lane, electrical partial rewire.

Laurel Ransom, 4541 Schneidman Road, swimming pool.

EZ Portable Buildings Bldg. #9174, 7845 Carneal Road, electrical pre-wire portable building.

Brad Shepley, 3601 North Brian Avenue, detached accessory.

Doug Herring, 1235 Fisher Road, electrical service inspection.

MRDG, 8245 Kentucky 3520, single family dwelling.

Kelly Yazigi, 6342 Benton Road, swimming pool.

Jason Hall, 935 Mari Drive, electrical circuit for above ground pool.

Kisha Cook, 601 Mayfield Metropolis Road, electrical service change.

Heather Alderdice, 2315 Hovencamp Road, electrical service change.

Louis Elliot, 1675 Mayfield Metropolis Road, modular home.

Connecting Point, 111 N. Friendship Road, electric service repair.

Gerald Russell, 6830 Noble Road, electrical service change.

Matt Dobson, 7655 Cross Mill Road, single family dwelling.

EZ Portable Buildings Bldg. #9189, 7845 Carneal Road #9189, pre-wire portable building.

EZ Portable Buildings Bldg. #9284, 7845 Carneal Road #9284, pre-wire portable building.

EZ Portable Buildings Bldg. #9288, 7845 Carneal Road #9288, pre-wire portable building.

Elanor Carter, 2935 McKendree Church Road, electric service repair.

Dollar General Store, 8280 Mayfield Road, commercial building.

Darrin Frommeyer, 220 Gatewood Drive, generator.

Dan Lang, 6810 Ingleside Road, pole barn.

Norman McGregor, 3985 Mayfield Metropolis Road, manufactured home.

Stan Wallace, 181 Maple, relocate service.

Ben Thompson, 344 Calvert Drive, detached accessory.

Tony Ward, 7125 Dana Drive, detached accessory.

Edward Jones, 4740 Hansen Road, commercial building.

Lewis Gordon, 6345 Old Mayfield Road, electric service repair.

On-Site Development/McBride, 121 Shadowood Court, townhouse.

On-Site Development/McBride, 125 Shadowood Court, townhouse.

Doug Durst, 619 Berger Road, electrical service exchange.

Falconite, 3562 Lone Oak Road, electrical panel change.

Robert Lowery, 6075 Houser Road, electrical service repair.

Anthony Powell, 2855 Lauren Lane, electrical service repair.

David Stanley, 160 Cascade Drive, electrical wiring basement.

Brian Stoffel, 4131 Clarks River Road, Lot 126, electrical service inspection.

Dale Meyer, 2160 McKendree Church Road, accessory building.

Shelby Reed, 200 Gilhaven, single family residence alteration.

EZ Portable Buildings Bldg. #9323, 7845 Carneal Road #9323, pre-wire portable building.

Kevin Boyd, 4735 Craven Drive, electrical service connection.

Edward Margicin, 1747 Debbie Drive, generator.

EZ Portable Buildings Bldg. #9076, 7845 Carneal Road #9076, pre-wire portable building.

Laurel Ransom, 4535 Schneidman Road, electrical pole service.

Kyle Johnson, 5145 Contest Road, single family addition.

Stacy Watson, 1060 Southwind Drive, single family addition.

John Puryear II, 840 S. Friendship Road, single family renovation.

Dave Bundrick, 420 Michigan Avenue, single family dwelling.

Trisha Burnett, 140 Jordan Drive, single family dwelling.

Heston Campbell, 200 Ladera Lane, accessory building.

Heston Campbell, 200 Ladera Lane, single family dwelling.

Elite K-9, 7660 Old US Highway 45, Building #1, new service and wiring building.

Elite K-9, 7660 Old US Highway 45, Building #3, new service and wiring building.


Harlan Automotive, 408 North 4th Street, commercial, addition.

Rosemary Miller, 1522 North 4th Street, residential, demolition.

Matt and Don Robertson, 1709 Wiswell Road, residential, single family dwelling/accessory structure.

Randy Brandon, 801 Bagwell Boulevard, residential, single family dwelling/accessory structure.

Massac County

Katelin Sratmeyer, 1033 Airport Road, garage.

David and Gloria Huggins, 2764 Coyote Lane, portable building.

Keith and Cheryl Hoyer, 7676 Waldo Church Road, solar panel system.

Randall Rushing, 5118 Midway Road, pool.

Gregory Neely, 678 Airport Road, portable building.

Larry Markus, 5698 Orchard Road, grain bin.

Darrell Bunting, 9261 Hamletsburg Road, cattle barn.

Robert Jeffords, Crestwood Road, pole barn.

Lisa Smith, 3017 William Howard Lane, grain bin.

Melba Cockrel, 3221 Old Marion Road, house demolition.

William and Nancy Holt, 871 Karnak Road, house demolition.


Paul Obermark, 814 Pearl Street, house demolition.

Mary Atkinson, 1124 East 7th Street, house demolition.

Janice Davis, 1905 Ferry Street, mobile home removal.

Thomas Reed, 59 Jon Street, temporary utilities.

Dollar Tree, 1624 East 5th Street, sign permit.

Wilma Malin, 712 Scott Street, residential bedroom addition.

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