Dear Annie: My neighbor put up wind chimes a few months ago. They are 3-foot-long pipes that make a terrible clanging noise with every sweet little breeze. I find this irritating, rude and unacceptable. I feel like it is the same concept as playing music outside all day long, which of course no one would do, especially at 3 a.m.

I cannot sit outside and enjoy my space without constantly hearing it. I hear it at night when I am trying to sleep, also if I wake up during the night, also first thing in the morning. I have resorted to wearing earplugs when I sleep because the clanging was keeping me awake. We do not even live next door, so I cannot imagine what their next-door neighbors must be experiencing.

Please don’t suggest I tell them. I was on my way over the first time I heard the terrible noise, but my husband stopped me and said they have the right to hang whatever they want. (So, do they have the right to play outside music all day and night?)

I would also like to mention that they are lovely people.

I am hoping you print this so that I can send it to them anonymously. Do you have any other suggestions besides cutting it down or taping it together at 2 a.m.? — Irritated

Dear Irritated: Some people love the sound of wind chimes and find them serene. For others, they’re just noise pollution. Your neighbors fall into the former camp, and it probably didn’t occur to them that there’s anyone in the latter. It’s time to chime up. Go talk to them and let them know that you’ve been finding it hard to sleep at night. Your husband may be correct that they have the “right” to hang whatever they’d like in their yard, but if they are lovely people as you say, they will find a solution, whether that is taking the chimes down altogether, taking them down at night, or something else.

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