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June 2012
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Young Leaders

staff report

Edward Musselman

Age: 33

Education: Earned a bachelor's of science degree from Murray State University and is currently getting his master's in business administration at Murray State University.

Some of Musselman's professional accomplishments:

n Owner, Musselman properties; residential and commercial real estate investing, Coke plant rehabilitation.

n Owner, Dry ground Brewing Company, coming soon

n Production supervisor, Honeywell International; process trainer and subject matter expert.

n Biology instructor at Shawnee Community College.

n Restaurant manager at Logan's Roadhouse.

How Musselman has improved the community:

n 2013 Paducah-McCracken County Entrepreneur of the year.

n Team member and fundraiser for team Livestrong in the NYC Marathon.

n Team leader and fundraiser for the Ronald McDonald House in the Chicago Marathon.

n Appalachian Trail thru-hiker, raised more than $10,000 for cancer research by hiking all 2,168 miles of the Appalachian Trail.

n Performing a mixed-use rehabilitation on Paducah's historical landmark building, the Coke Plant

n Added the Coke Plant to the national registrar of historic places.

A few of the organizations he is involved in:

n Board member for Paducah-McCracken County Habitat for Humanity.

n Committee Member for Habitat for Humanity Restore.

n Committee Member for Paducah Philanthropic Committee.

n T-ball coach for Lone Oak youth Baseball Association.

n Team leader for 2013 Relay for Life.

n Member of Paducah Area Chamber of Commerce.

What is the biggest challenge for a young leader in today's workplace?

"Recognizing that limitations are self-induced. High levels of achievement are available to those who refuse to accept the perception of limitations. Think outside the box, lead by example, accept responsibility and you will give yourself endless opportunities in environments where 'good enough' has become all too common and comfortable."

What is one characteristic that you believe every leader should possess?

"Integrity. Integrity is the road map for a great leader. There are many positive attributes that most leaders will undoubtedly possess, but if integrity is absent eventually failure is inevitable."

What are you doing to ensure you continue to grow and develop as a leader?

"Accepting larger roles and responsibilities while empowering and strengthening the complimentary resources around me. Not any one of us is as good as all of us."

  Tara Miller

Age: 39

Education: Earned a bachelor's degree in journalism with a public relations emphasis from the University of Kentucky.

Some of Miller's professional achievements:

n Since joining Lourdes in 2002, as a fundraising professional for the Lourdes Foundation, Miller has worked her way up to Lourdes Foundation executive director in 2006 and to her current position as vice president and chief philanthropy officer at Lourdes.

n She did PR and special events for Four Rivers Center for Performing Arts.

n Marketing and public affairs director for Blue Lake Corp. Center.

n Community relations specialist for Lighthouse for the Blind.

n Planned, led and served on Leadership Cabinet for $7.3 capital campaign for Lourdes Hospice Care Center, which exceeded $7 million goal in 10 months.

n Presenter at the Association for Healthcare Philanthropy Midwest Conference.

n Presenter at Marcum and Wallace Hospital Foundation board education session.

n Financial Systems Task Force chair at Catholic Health Partners Foundation.

n Graduate of 6 year Association for Healthcare Philanthropy Madison Institute.

n Grew annual contributions for Lourdes Foundation from under $500,000 to over $1 million per year.

How Miller has improved the community:

n Served as a panelist for a public relations student symposium at Murray State University.

n Volunteers for United Way of Paducah-McCracken County.

A few of the organizations she is involved in:

n Historian and Membership directory chair of Prestwick Garden Club for Prestwick Garden Club.

n Past member and associate member of the Charity League of Paducah.

n Active member and conference presenter for the Association for Healthcare Philanthropy.

What is the biggest challenge for a young leader in today's workplace?

"A number of industries like Healthcare are changing and transforming. Young leaders must be adaptable and agile, ready to refine our strategic direction in the midst of change and uncertainty. Leadership calls us to be creative, innovative, hard-working, persistent, accountable and visionary to achieve success."

What is one characteristic that you believe every leader should possess?

"The ability to listen is the foundation of a good communicator and an effective leader. God gave us two ears and one mouth for a reason! Leadership is a relationship business and, when we truly listen, we are more effective not only at inspiring others to help us accomplish our own goals but also are more effective in discerning and meeting the needs of others and helping them achieve their goals."

What are you doing to ensure you continue to grow and develop as a leader?

"I am actively involved in the leading professional development organization in my field. I take advantage of significant learning and development opportunities both within my own organization and those provided in the healthcare philanthropy industry. I have developed and maintained an extensive and robust network of fellow professionals that can provide me with assistance, ideas and best practices. I have established mentoring and coaching relationships with two respected leaders who provide candid feedback, guidance, learnings and encouragement. I try to share my experience and learnings through mentoring my team members and others in my profession."

  Lakilia Bedeau

Age: 33

Education: Earned a bachelor of science in electronic journalism from Murray State University and a Master of Science in mass communications from Murray State University.

Some of Bedeau's professional accomplishments:

n Director of Tornado Alley YSC at Paducah Tilghman.

n Previous assistant director of Tornado Alley YSC.

n Leaders for tomorrow graduate from the National Education Association.

n KEA ethnic-minority director.

n President of Paducah Education Support Professional Association KYCID Committee.

How Bedeau has improved the community:

n She continues to play a major role in the furthering of minority involvement in professional associations of school related activities.

n She is a devoted member of Kentucky Education Association and believes in empowering members to advocate for themselves and ensure a quality public education for every student.

A few of the organizations she is involved in:

n Vice-chair of the KEA Diversity Committee

n 4-H Advisory Council

n BEP Chamber of Commerce, fundraising committee

n Volunteer for George Wilson Toys for Tots

n Troop leader for Girl Scouts of Kentuckiana

n Mentor at a Juvenile Detention Center

n Volunteer for L.I.F.E. Community Inc.

n Chair of Back to School Event for NAACP Education Committee

n Volunteer for the Salvation Army

What is the biggest challenge for a young leader in today's workplace?

"I feel the biggest challenge for a young leader in today's workplace I gaining respect from their co-workers. Office dynamics can be tricky especially when the holder of greater responsibility is half the age of those they're relying on for results. The solution is simple and I know from personal experience. You as the young leader need to always be learning. Push to become a bank of knowledge. And lastly, be confident and professional at all times."

What is one characteristic that you believe every leader should possess?

"One characteristic every leader should possess is communication skills. A leader should be able to give a message and influence others. Not only should he or she strive to be a great orator, but an active listener. Communication is a two-way street. In the words of Gilbert Amelio, 'Developing excellent communication skills is essential to effective leadership. If a leader can't get a message across clearly to motivate others to act on it, then having a message doesn't matter.'"

What are you doing to ensure you continue to grow and develop as a leader?

"I understand knowledge is power, therefore I take advantage of every training opportunity thats presented to me. And I don't wait for others to tell me what's needed, I go and research different professional development opportunities and apply for them. Having a mentor ensures I continue to grow as a leader. And lastly, having the passion to serve others and make a difference, keeps me focused on why I chose to be a leader. I am making it my purpose."

  Jamey Brown

Age: 35

Education: Earned a bachelor of science in integrated strategic communications with a focus in account management and public relations from the University of Kentucky.

Some of Brown's professional accomplishments:

Named to top 35 under age 35 financial advisors in the country for UBS Wealth Management-Americas.

Achieved directors council status (top 20 percent of financial advisors in firm) consecutively for the last 6 years.

Achieved Leadership Council status (top 20 percent of branch managers in firm) for 3 years.

How Brown has improved the community:

Awarded Paul Harris Fellow and served on board of directors for 4 years for the Rotary Club of Paducah.

Chaired Golf Scramble Committee for 7 years and served on board of directors for 6 years for the Paducah Area Chamber of Commerce.

Project United sponsor for the United Way of Paducah.

A few of the organizations he is involved in:

He serves on the board of directors and finance committee for Lourdes Hospital Foundation.

He is a member of Country Club of Paducah, and is currently president of the board.

Graduate of Leadership Paducah.

Member of Paducah Area of Chamber of Commerce

Member of Rotary Club of Paducah.

What is the biggest challenge for a young leader in today's workplace?

"Not being over eager yet being completely engaged and motivated. Finding the balance between learning the ropes and leading the charge is not easy. Taking time to fully understand the rules of engagement in your given profession is a must. Without it you can be the hardest working person in your firm but you might be putting that effort in lesser effective direction. Understanding what your bosses or senior partners want and need from you is the key to figuring out how to climb the ladder. The problem is that it might not always be clearly written out for out. Thus your challenge and opportunity...It becomes very important in my mind to engage those folks on a routine basis so that even if they aren't able to articulate what they need, you begin to figure it out and provide it. Lastly, one of the biggest challenges for a young leader can be your own doubt. I personally spent a couple of early years doubting my ideas because I was young. It didn't take long for me to realize that the person standing in my way to success the most was me...having confidence is a must."

What is one characteristic that you believe every leader should possess?

"The ability to listen. As a young person you enter your career with a full steam ahead mentality which can be a great thing but if not controlled can make others feel as though you believe that you alone have all of the answers. You gain respect and trust of those that are your elders in the workplace by taking the time to listen to the wisdom of their years. I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to come to work in an office full of talented and experienced veterans of my industry. They each in some way have shaped me into the person that I am professionally today. That happened because I took the time to ask questions of them and then most importantly took the time to listen to their answers. I believe those experiences are what have given me the opportunity to be in a leadership position within our firm and our office."

What are you doing to ensure you continue to grow and develop as a leader?

"Continuing to accept challenges that seem above my head. My entire career I have been a jump in feet first kind of person. I've always believed that if someone is offering you the opportunity to take on a challenge then they have the confidence in you that you will achieve success. That has always been enough for me to believe that I could handle whatever I was asked to do. If you over think taking on a challenge you tend to miss an opportunity to grow as a person and a professional. While I do think through very thoroughly the roles that I add to my life each year I tend to reach for the ones that seem the most daunting. In my nearly 13 year career thus far finding something that I am passionate about and striving to become a leader within that passion has allowed me to keep on pace with my personal and career ambitions."

  Andrew Carloss

Age: 31

Education: Earned a bachelor of science in business management and marketing.

Some of Carloss' professional accomplishments:

n He worked his way up through the Zoom Information company starting as a sales operations manager for 3 years then moving on to client services representative for one year. After that he became account executive for 2 years.

n Company MVP for 2 consecutive years.

n Team player of the year for 2 consecutive years.

How Carloss has improved the community:

n Education chair of BNI Impact Chapter

n Member of the Rotary Club

A few of the organizations he is involved in:

n Chamber member

n Entrepreneur of the year

n Employer of the year for Ky. Vocational Rehab Council Paducah Division.

n Paducah Area young leader from the West Ky. News Business Journal.

What is the biggest challenge for a young leader in today's workplace?

"Staying focused on the end goal."

What is one characteristic that you believe every leader should possess?

"Passion! All great business leaders have extraordinary management, employees, exceptional leaders, get their employees fired up and feel passionate about the company, goals and vision."

What are you doing to ensure you continue to grow and develop as a leader?

"Embracing diversity! Ensuring all employees maximize their potential and their contribution to move the company or store forward."

  Tara Blazina

Age: 25

Education: Earned an associate in arts from West Kentucky Community & Technical College, bachelor of science in business from Murray State University and master of business administration from Murray State University.

Some of Blazina's professional accomplishments:

Blazina worked her way up in Kemper CPA Group LLP, from staff accountant to senior staff accountant.

How miller has improved the community:

Mentor coordinator for BNI

Timekeeper for BNI

A few of the organizations she is involved in:

United Way board member

Appointed a Kentucky Colonel by Governor Steve Beshear

What is the biggest challenge for a young leader in today's workplace?

"The biggest challenge for young leaders is maintaining a division between personal and work life. With increased usage of cell phones, emails, text messages, and social media, young leaders are always available; which is positive from a client service standpoint. However on the other side of the coin, it doesn't allow for downtime. The line between work and home becomes blurred leading to increased stress and the potential for other personal issues. Social media tends to blur the lines even more. Since privacy has become obsolete in today's world of social media with our entire personal lives always on display. We have become a society that is constantly checking our Facebook, Twitter, etc. This can infringe upon work time and productivity as well as a leader's professional image. On the contrary, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and blogs are a very effective marketing tool and ways to stay plugged in to the needs of the community. Technology has brought many positive changes, but with those changes, work life balance is a sacrifice we all have made. Everyone's point of finding their work life balance varies. With every change in society and development in new technology, the business world evolves causing this issue to remain a challenge for young leaders in the future."

What is one characteristic that you believe every leader should possess?

"One characteristic that every leader should possess is the ability to listen. Communication is a crucial point in every facet of business. In today's workplace, communication can take many forms from verbal conversations to emails and text messages. It is important to take time to listen and process what the other party is trying to convey rather than rush to a response before fully understanding the questions or issues. Listening to the message the first time enhances the possibility of a proper timely response to problems and also allows for more opportunities in professional growth."

What are you doing to ensure you continue to grow and develop as a leader?

"To ensure my growth as a leader, I am continuing my professional growth by developing a niche accounting/consulting area to market to businesses, and business professionals in our region. I am also continually participating in civic organizations, community events, and business networking opportunities such as United Way, BNI and Chamber of Commerce Events. This allows me to network with other business professionals and also gather a better feel for the needs an concerns of the business community. This allows me to better assess and be prepared for questions and concerns in the ever changing business/financial world."

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