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June 2012
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RecycleNow seeking support

BY KATIE PAXTON kpaxton@paducahsun.com

The Greater Paducah Sustainability Project (GPSP) RecycleNow program is moving from its drop-off location on North 8th Street, and looks to the community for support.

GPSP-RecycleNow began in 2007 with monthly recycling events at Kroger on Park Avenue. It moved in 2009 to its current location, an old building owned by Paducah Water. However, the location was only temporary.

"We've outgrown this location," said Merle Paschedag, operations manager for GPSP. "(Paducah Water) has been a great host and let us do many things, but they are ready to move on with their plan of tearing down the building."

The new location depends on the city's contract with CWI trash collection, which is up for renewal in June 2015. The contract will determine if municipal trash collection will begin accepting recyclables.

"One of the key factors is a proposal for landfill services to include a recycling service," said Paschedag. "If the contract has recycling listed as one of the requirements, some things we recycle will be done by someone else. Unfortunately, without knowing what the city wants to do with the new contract, we aren't sure how to plan, like if we need a smaller building."

Because GPSP-RecycleNow is a free service, funds for the move depend on revenue from some recycled materials and donations. However, Paschedag said, "With our interest in the community and service, we can't guarantee much revenue from the material."

GPSP-RecycleNow calls on the community to help with the move. Donations can be made to fundraiser on CrowdRise.com, or on the website www.recyclenowpaducah.org. GPSP-RecyleNow encourages people to share the fundraiser with friends, or to create a fundraiser of their own, and spread the word.

"The biggest thing is that this is not a situation of anyone trying to stop GPSP from doing what it wants to do," Paschedag said. "It's a balancing act between the city's ability to fund the priority list of things that need to be done and GPSP trying to provide the service it can in the perimeters it's given. It's a matter of circumstance."

Paschedag emphasized the power of the community's voice in recycling and responsible waste removal.

"The only way to get recycling to move up on the priority list is for more people to voice their opinions. We know what we do is important to the community.

On the other hand, we feel that there should be some responsibility on municipalities. The most appropriate way isn't necessarily the cheapest. Recycling is important."

To follow GPSP-RecycleNow's movement, visit its Facebook page Recycle Now Paducah.

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