Paducah-McCracken County Habitat Distinctive Building, 2114 Jackson St., single family detached/residential.

Baptist Healthcare System, 115 Kiana Court, addition/commercial.

M. Davis Properties LLC, 713 Kentucky Ave., Suite 102, repair/remodel/commercial.

M. Davis Properties LLC, 713 Kentucky Ave., Suite 103, repair/remodel/commercial.

Kevin and Melissa Nesbitt, 1216 Pillar Chase, single family detached/residential.

City of Paducah, 815 S. Fifth St., raze/residential.

Red's Donut Shop Mayfield LLC, 4790 Village Square Drive, office/bank/building/commercial.

McCracken County, 1605 N. Friendship Road, repair/remodel/commercial.

Max L. Edwards et al, 3445 Starlite Drive, transmitter structure/commercial.

Warehouse Inc., 911 Joe Clifton Drive, signs.

Danesh Properties Inc., 3121-23-25-27 Parisa Drive, signs.

Paducah Preservation LLC, 116 Broadway, electric/commercial.

Jay Allen and Donna Sue Everett, 3810 Londonderry Lane, garage/residential.

Robert Wyatt and Helene Davis, 117 Market House Square, equipment mechanical/commercial.

Nathan and Shawn Rowton, 3615 Central Ave., carport/residential.

Woodstone Enterprises, 5550 Commerce Drive, repair/remodel/commercial.

Howard Crockett Properties LLC, 2845 Trimble St., electric/commercial.

Signature Homes of Paducah LLC, 3824 Niblick Lane, single family detached/residential.

Rock Top Farm of Rockcastle, 521 N. Fifth St., repair/remodel/residential.

Better Paducah Holdings LLC, 1130 Lone Oak Road, electric/commercial.

E&T Enterprise LLC, 546 Lone Oak Road, signs.

Ronald and Donna Perry, 2100 Jefferson St., electric/residential.

Higdon Development Inc., 406 Villa Ridge Drive, single family attached/residential.

Higdon Development Inc., 408 Villa Ridge Drive, single family attached/residential.

Melinda Carroll, 532 N. 32nd St., electric/commercial.

Secretary of Veterans Affairs, 3127 Madison St., electric/residential.

Cain Storage LLC, 2310 Bridge St., storage structure/commercial.

Danny Howard, 220 Mimosa Lane, repair/remodel/residential.

CSX Transportation, 901 S. Sixth St., raze/commercial.

The 1745 Kentucky Avenue Land, 1745 Kentucky Ave., Suite C, repair/remodel/commercial.

Vishnu Hospitality LLC, 5135 Cairo Road Hotel, electric/commercial.

Melinda Carroll, 532 N. 32nd St., repair/remodel/commercial.

Mark and Kathryn Joyner, 11 Circle Lake Drive, single family detached/residential.

Colgan Properties LLC, 3501 Pecan Drive, raze/residential.

Melinda Carroll, 532 N. 32nd St., signs.

Kentucky Oaks Mall, 5101 Hinkleville Road, signs.

Westland IRA, 3551 Park Ave., signs.

Falconite Real Estate, 4645 Village Square Drive, signs.

Dane Tope, 3049 Irvin Cobb Drive, signs.

Helm Inc., 116 Broadway, signs.

Melissa Massey, 3532 Jefferson St., electric/residential.

F&F Leasing, 2535 Wayne Sullivan Drive, equipment mechanical/commercial.

David and Patricia Gourieux, 3915 Alameda Crescent, electric/residential.

Josh Ingold, 825 N. 21st St., raze/residential.

Bradley and Norma Rankin, 12 Margaret Court, generator.

James and Shaketha Cleary, 1312 Burnett St., raze/residential.

Roger Wilkerson, 1100 N. 13th St., raze/residential.

Carmen Shelton, 1158 N. 13th St., raze/residential.

Sherman and Gwendolyn Bridgett, 1105 Madison St., raze/residential.

Darren Warren, 1108-1110 Madison St., raze/residential.

Joseph Henry Stuart, 801 N. 21st. St., raze/residential.

Douglas Bruce, 298 Clements St., raze/residential.

Progressive Free Will Baptist, 518 Tennessee St., raze/residential.

Donald Howard, 520 Tennessee St., raze/residential.

Corey Edward Stokes, 820 S. Sixth St., raze/residential.

CSX Transportation, 901 S. Sixth St., electric/commercial.

McMurry & Livingston Building, 105 N. Second St., Suite 500, repair/remodel/residential.

Anthony and Farideh Reck, 1 Circle Lake, repair/remodel/residential.

Blitz Realty LLC, 1640 Monroe St., repair/remodel/residential.

Henry and Nida Bichon, 4823 Stanley Drive, electric/residential.

Newcomb Oil Co., 3474 Wayne Sullivan Drive, electric/commercial.

Larry House, 1329 N. 13th St., electric/residential.

Store Master Funding, 2902 Park Ave., electric/commercial.

Paducah School Financial Corp., 500 S. 25th St., electric/commercial.

Lanis and Wanda Cunningham, 801 S. 21st St., electric/residential.

Edward and Shelley Travis, 3053 Mayfield Road, electric/residential.

Mark and Bonnye Roof, 3703 Minnich Ave., electric/residential.

Mark and Kathryn Joyner, 11 Circle Lake Drive, electric/residential.

City of Paducah, 1120 N. 10th St., electric/commercial.

Odie Cole Jr., 1201 N. 10th St., reroof/commercial.

City of Paducah, 222 Ashbrook Ave., repair/remodel/residential.

James Faulkner III, 1757 Monroe St., repair/remodel/residential.

Robert Alan Farr, 249 Minerva Place, electric/residential.

Ruby Gunn, 1011 S. 11th St., raze/residential.

Jim Smith Contracting Co., 725 N. Fifth St., signs.

Hawker Holdings LLC, 3306 Coleman Road, signs.

Roof Brothers Properties, 760 Broadway, signs.

City of Paducah, 175 Stuart Nelson Park Road, electric/commercial.

Thomas and Janet Shaw, 155 Springwell Lane, electric/residential.

Jacqueline Hahn, 2501 Harrison St., residential/fence.

Rob Kincaid, 3870 Pecan Drive, electric/residential.

Kyle Thomas, 129 Clements St., electric/residential.

LSA Dudley Court LLC, 801 McGuire Ave., electric/commercial.

McCracken County

Rick Rogers, 6602 Old Mayfield Road, garage.

David Vick, 542 Lakeview Drive, detached accessory.

Christ Community Church, 8270 Old Hinkleville Road, sanctuary/education wing renovation.

Gene Howle, 645 Faber St., storage building.

Mark Irvin, 24 White Pines Place, detached accessory/no electric.

Linda Lotz, 6324 U.S. Hwy. 60 west, detached garage/no electric.

Walker Custom Homes, 161 Hunters Ridge, single family residence.

Phyllis Wooley, 2115 Spann Lane, duplex.

A&A Boutique, 2951 Lone Oak Road, electrical/partial rewire.

Dough & Company, 5320 U.S. Hwy. 60 Suite 5, electrical/commercial building.

Mark Fields, 1420 Bechtold Road, electrical/service inspection.

Kyle Johnson, 5145 Contest Road, electrical/single family residence/addition/alteration.

Barbara Kelley, 258 Glenn St., electrical/replace breaker panel.

Dawn Hamilton, 225 Garland Drive, electrical/generator.

Dean Owen, 6185 Old Mayfield Road, electrical/single family.

Shane Dublin, 1520 Luigs Lane, electrical/garage.

Denise Walker, 1425 Yarbro Lane, electrical/service inspection.

Carroll Cope, 110 Summit Drive, electrical/inspection to turn power on.

Candice Hicks, 2740 McKendree Church Road, electrical/single family dwelling.

Lone Oak Middle School, 225 John E. Robinson Ave., electrical/cooling tower replacement.

David Godfrey, 3316 Olivet Church Road, electrical/service change.

Kay Modrell, 150 Thornberry, electrical/transfer switch for generator.

William Schoening, 901 Mari Drive, electrical/generator installation.

EZ Portable Building No. 7975, 7845 Carneal Road, Building 7975, electrical/pre-wire portable building.

EZ Portable Building No. 8018, 7845 Carneal Road, Building 8018, electrical/pre-wire portable building.

Larry Jett, 1905 South Friendship Road, electrical/single family dwelling spec houses.

Cathleen Lindley, 1150 Red Pine Circle, electrical/single family dwelling.

David Beyer, 105 Orchard View Drive, electrical/service upgrade.

Phyllis Wooley, 2112 Spann Lane, electrical/duplex.

Phyllis Wooley, 2115 Spann Lane, electrical/duplex.

Debra Pleiffer, 600 Lakeview, electrical/service upgrade.

Gilberto and April Guzman, 1807 Lane Road, electrical/manufactured home.

Danny Jones, 650 Yopp Lane, electrical/single family dwelling.

LaVanda Williams, 5900 Oakwood Lane, electrical/shop.

Eric Brizendine, 2801 Jerry Don Court, electrical/accessory building.

Jason McCarver, 5465 Metropolis Lake Road, electrical/service upgrade.

Burnett Custom Homes, 305 Cimmaron Way, electrical/single family.

Bart Young, 3280 Cairo Road, electrical/single family farm exempt.

Jay Byrd, 6965 Lovelaceville Road, electrical/farm structure.

Country Aire Mobile Park, 3712 Clarks River Road, Lot 79, electrical/pole service.

J. Linn Corp., 3125 North Friendship Road, electrical/service change.

Greg DeBoe, 4940 Jeffrey Lane, electrical/detached accessory.

Doug Town, 8330 Danube, electrical/single family.

Rick Windhorst, 155 Andretta Drive, electrical/detached accessory.

Chuck and Rhetta Folsom, 4945 Clinton Road, electrical/service upgrade.

Matthew Houser, 4321 Winchester Lane, electrical/upsize service.

Mike Petter, 6070 New Hope Church Road, electrical/service upgrade.

Cole Thomas, 300 Cottonwood, electrical/detached access.

Ben Turner, 4625 Lovelaceville Road, electrical/service upgrade.

Citizen's Deposit Bank, 12340 U.S. 60 west, electrical/commercial bank.

Dossey Vineyards, 4275 Old U.S. 45 Building C, electrical/warehouse.

Westridge Pointe, 2924 Katey Lane, electrical/manufactured home.

Westridge Pointe, 7410 Lightfood Road, electrical/manufactured home.

John Davis Construction, 104 Twinson Court, electrical/townhouse.

John Davis Construction, 104 Twinson Court, electrical/townhouse.

Harold Neihoff, 1305 Lovelaceville-Florence Station Road West, electrical/detached accessory.

Wiersma Properties, 105 Long Drive, electrical/townhouse.

Wiersma Properties, 107 Long Drive, electrical/townhouse.


Brad Almquist, 1512 Johnson Blvd., single family dwelling/addition.

Natalie Garfield, 1111 Circarama Drive, single family dwelling/addition.

Kroger Co., 808 N. 12th St., commercial/renovation.

Alan Valentine, 210 N. Eighth St., single family dwelling/carport.

West Wind Rentals, 2200 Vintage Hills Drive and 1402 Cross Cut Drive, commercial/multi-family dwelling/4-plex.

Goodworks Unlimited, 170 Utterback Road, units 618 and 620, single family dwelling/duplex.

Goodworks Unlimited, 170 Utterback Road, units 617 and 619, single family dwelling/duplex.

Metropolis, Illinois

Michael Cooper, 810 E. Third St., residential/demolition.

Virgil Thomas, 526 Ohio St., residential/mobile home removal.

Gerald Tanner, 308 Tanner Drive, residential/covered parking.

McDonald's, 1545 E. Fifth St., commercial/remodel.

Ronald Schriefer, 54 Hospital Drive, residential/portable storage building.

Brian Jones, 808 E. Fifth St., residential/driveway.

Massac County, Illinois

Steve and Norma Korte, 3532 Mermet Road, pole barn.

Terry and Wanda Johnson, 1112 Grinnell Road, winter feeding station.

Kell Sellers and Deborah Roza, 5377 Brentwood Road, new house.

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