Owner, Soirees Events

Age: 34

Education: Bachelor of science in business administration, and pursuing MBA at Murray State University.

Some of Bone's professional accomplishments include:

n Donating decor, time and space to assist nonprofit organization's fundraising.

n Territory manager at Swedish Match International.

n Brand central manager at Sears Holdings Corp.

A few of the organizations she has been involved in:

n Paducah Young Professionals.

n Downtown Kiwanis Club of Paducah.

n Chambers of Commerce in Paducah, Metropolis and Marshall County.

What is the biggest challenge for a young leader in today's workplace?

Leading a team effectively to meet your goals and standards. I believe that this isn't something that ONLY young leaders struggle with, however, I will say that younger leaders typically have less practice in this area. It does get easier with experience ... as long as you are continuously learning as you go. I was fortunate enough to obtain a management position at a very young age and have had the opportunity to learn and lead people from many different demographics.

What is one characteristic that you believe every leader should possess?

I think that every leader has to possess courage ... especially entrepreneurs. You have to be willing to bet on yourself and take risks with no definite assurance of success. That is a really intimidating thing to do sometimes.

What are you doing to ensure you continue to grow and develop as a leader?

Back to one of my previous answers: As a leader, you always have to be learning. This can mean learning new things or simply learning new ways to use your existing skill sets. The same applies for your team and entire organization. With each event we should have learned something new so we can be even better at our next one.

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