City, county prepare for low temps

By Staff report

The McCracken County Office of Emergency Management has announced locations of warming stations people can use if they find

themselves without heat in the dangerously frigid and potentially snowy weather expected to begin in the area Sunday night.

The locations are to be used only as warming stations, according to a news release, and aren't providing food or beds.


The McCracken County Courthouse will be a warming station, and can be reached at 270-444-1333 ext. 2107.


Reidland Baptist Church, 5559 Benton Road, will be a warming station between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. starting Monday. For information, call 270-898-6243.


The McCracken County Rescue Vehicle Building, 3700 Coleman Road, which can be contacted at 270-442-9163, will also be available as a warming station starting Monday, operating

from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.

n A warming station at Washington Street Baptist Church, 721 Washington St., will operate between 6 p.m. and 8 a.m. The church can be contacted at 270-442-8033.

Additionally, with temperatures expected to swiftly drop to single digits Sunday night and to remain below freezing until

Wednesday or Thursday, the Paducah Engineering-Public Works and Parks Department is also preparing to face the winter storm.

According to a city news release, crews will be out early Sunday to spread rock salt - before temperatures drop below 18 degrees,

rendering the salt ineffective - as well as to plow streets when snow starts falling.

"The city crews will focus on clearing priority routes first as quickly as we can," Public Works Director Rick Murphy said.

"The city has 450 lane-miles of roadways and six snowplows."

Murphy also asked that drivers be cautious on roads they share with snowplows, which move about 20 mph.

"Even after a plow makes a pass on a road, there is often a thin layer of snow or ice that remains which can be quite slippery,"

Murphy added.

Paducah Fire Chief Steve Kyle warned about fires caused by portable heaters. He urged people to never leave portable space

heaters unattended, and don't use extension cords with them; keep all combustible items a minimum of 3 feet from space heaters,

fireplaces and stoves; never leave candles burning unattended; be careful if using a heating device to thaw frozen pipes,

and try not to leave the heating device unattended.

"Since this storm is not expected to begin until the second half of the weekend," Kyle said, "I encourage families to take

some time Saturday and check smoke alarms in your home. These life-saving devices should be located on every level of your

home, in each bedroom and outside each sleeping area. Also, make sure to practice your fire escape plan with your family."

Kyle recommended those who can't avoid traveling during the extreme cold weather to stock their respective vehicles with supplies

such as an ice scraper, a flashlight, a charged cell phone, gloves, boots, a blanket ,and kitty litter or a similar product

that can help increase traction if a car becomes stuck in the snow.

The McCracken County Office of Emergency Management can be reached by calling 270-442-9163.